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Get Your Pride On!

Jun 28, 2015

Whether you’ve already attended your city’s pride parade or it hasn’t happened yet, you can always show off your LGBTQ love through your style. When I first came out as a lesbian, I always felt a little scared of being myself. Even though I was out, I still felt it was a thing I had to hide. It brings me back to 2011 when I attended Glee Live in concert and I purchased an “I Like Girls” t-shirt. It was the first time I had something that expressed I was gay and it made me feel amazing when I wore it! This year more and more stores have expressed their love for the LGBTQ community by making clothes to prove it. Check out some of my favorite pride wear!
Target has an entire line of pride gear from their collection #TakePride and it’s amazing! They have t-shirts, flip flops, cups, and even iPhone cases; there is really nothing not to love.
Revel and Riot is one of my favorite LGBTQ shops. They are a non-profit organization working for LGBTQ rights, awareness, and equality. They offer a large selection of tote bags, shirts, posters, and stickers. Revel and Riot also offers resources to help anyone in the LGBTQ community.
Levis has released their second Pride collection this year celebrating key moments in gay rights history. They collaborated with the Stonewall Community Foundation; which its proceeds will benefit. They have a super rad jean shorts as well as rainbow shirts!
HER! From tanks to tees there’s a strong monochrome theme going on and you can check out below what they look like when on. Better than anything is the number of girls that then come up to you when you’re wearing one to ask if you are part of the app. It’s the last few days when you can get yours here.
American Apparel has always been a huge gay rights supporter selling their “Legalize Gay” shirts as well as their “Gay Ok” shirts! This year they teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign to make the equality symbol into shirts and tanks. The proceeds will support the work HRC does.
Bobo Academy is a shop started by two rad ladies to help you show your pride. They offer a wide range of shirts, totes, hats, and even doggie apparel! In my opinion, their stuff is SO amazing. Bobo Academy is definitely the place to go if you want to show off your pride and look damn good doing it!

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