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How to Keep the Romance Alive Later in Your Relationship

Mar 28, 2019

In most relationships, romance is strongest during the early stages. You’re just beginning to know each other, you’re falling in love, and you want to go above and beyond for that person. That doesn’t mean that down the road you still won’t be madly in love. Love can get even stronger as time goes on, but romance can begin to fade. However, a little bit of time and effort to go the extra length when being romantic can make a world of difference.

Quick and Easy Tips

Surprise your partner by slipping a love note in their bag before they head out for work, but don’t make it cliche. Everyone likes reassurance every now and then, especially when you’ve been together for quite some time. Words that express specific reasons why you love someone and why they are special to you is very romantic.

Throughout the day and night, give your partner random kisses. An amazing kiss with someone that you love sends a sensation through out your body that sex cant do, it’s a different kind of connection. A romantic kiss won’t be very passionate if you have chapped lips, bad breath or a cold sore. As you go about your day be sure to maintain your oral health by brushing your teeth, carrying a pack of gum, applying chapstick, or oral care medication.

Finally, if you want to spice it up, try exchanging sexy texts here and there – but be careful of your surroundings! Let your partner know that you’re thinking of them a little extra.

Bigger Surprises

Once you fill your love life with little gestures of romance, you can treat your partner to bigger surprises. A romantic weekend getaway is the ultimate choice – with the help of a blindfold or secret plane tickets, your partner is sure to be amazed. A picnic in the park or cooking dinner together are great options to make your regular meals or typical “dinner date” more romantic than normal. Lastly, visiting a local drag or karaoke bar is also another great option to surprise your partner with a performance. What’s most important is that the element of surprise makes things more romantic, as does a special meaning attached to the activity.

All in all, if your romance has been lacking in the relationship for a while, you don’t need to rush back into things. Trying new ideas every day will burn you out. However, by sprinkling a few tips into your life here and there to make things more romantic, you are ensuring that your relationship is heading down a sustainable path of increased romance, love, appreciation, and enjoyment. Invest in the deeper meaning of your relationship and give these tips and honest effort.

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