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Calling all lesbians in Las Vegas! Here are the LGBT bars, clubs, and events to check out

Robyn Exton

May 17, 2023

Calling all lesbians in Las Vegas! Here are the LGBT bars, clubs, and events to check out
  • So, you’re headed to Las Vegas for a queer night to remember. Maybe it’s not to remember at all – we won’t tell, promise. 

    As a queer traveler or a local Las Vegas WLW, you might want to hit up all the quintessential queer spots. If you’re already checking out The Fruit Loop — the de-facto Vegas gayborhood, you might be wondering — where are the best lesbian bars in Las Vegas

    Worry not. We’ve got the insider look on where sapphics gather in this bustling city and the best spots for the lesbian dating scene. 

    Honestly, you can’t get bored in the Entertainment Capital of the World, that’s for certain, and lesbians and sapphics are certainly not excluded from having a good time. On your next night out in Sin City, try out our top picks of queer bars, LGBTQIA+ clubs, and lesbian-friendly gay bars — and always remember to drink and play responsibly! 

    The best lesbian bar in Las Vegas…? A major caveat

    I think all WLW can agree on one thing: we need more lesbian bars in the United States and beyond. 

    For some reason — whether that’s because of gentrification, the glass ceiling, pandemics, or lesbophobia — lesbian bars went from being numerous throughout the United States to a measly 27 in 2023. Can you believe that, according to the Lesbian Bar Project, there were approximately 300 lesbian bars in the United States in 1980? 

    Unfortunately, Las Vegas does not have any official lesbian bars, meaning establishments that cater exclusively to lesbian and sapphic women. But that doesn’t mean there are no places lesbians and WLW can get together and have a good time – we’ve got that list of queer places for you. 

    What do you say? Want a taste of the lesbian dating scene in Las Vegas? Swipe no longer and take your next match from HER to these iconic Las Vegas spots.

    And remember: any place can be queer if queers are there!

    Lesbian-friendly bars and LGBTQIA+ nightclubs in Las Vegas

    Don’t Tell Mama 

    You might want to tell your mama about this one because this classy piano bar has all the up-and-coming singers and performers around town, all around you, all night long. That’s right: Don’t Tell Mama is remarkable in that pretty much all staff – from bartenders to servers — are performers trying to make it in the big city.

    Don’t Tell Mama is known in the local Las Vegas lesbian dating scene as being a great place to bring  your date. It’s a cozy, loungy, piano bar, where all servers, entertainers, and bartenders, are up-and-coming singers and performers. Here you see a curly-haired woman singing while a man plays the piano.

    Ok, but maybe take your next HER date here without your mom. Don’t Tell Mama makes for a romantic environment: it’s a classy and cozy lounge bar open from Tuesday to Sunday at 8 pm, and it’s first come, first serve. Also, every night is Open Mic Night, so if you want to show off your skills, you can.

    To be clear, it’s not a lesbian bar. The don’t focus on anything specific besides the quality of their performers. Local Las Vegas lesbians, however, have anointed this spot as the lesbian spot, so it might as well be the best lesbian bar in town


    One of Sapphic’s worst fears is walking into a gay bar and finding only men there. FreeZone Las Vegas is actually a mixed queer bar – meaning there are actually both LGBT men and women there, so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

    FreeZone is a great spot for lesbian dating because it’s an actual LGBT bar where lesbians gather many times during the week. It welcomes everybody, so expect men, women, and other genders to be there. In this photo, a person is using a DJ mixer at a nightclub.

    Source: Unsplash

    This LGBT nightclub has been a staple in Las Vegas since 1996, when it opened. It’s not on the Las Vegas strip, but found in the nearby Fruit Loop neighborhood.

    They’ve got cocktails, dancing, and food so you can get your needs met on and off the dance floor.

    Some days are more lesbian-leaning than others, depending on the DJs and drag queens. Some of them have more of a lesbian following than others. Keep an eye on their Instagram for their performance lineups.

    Best part? Freezone is open 24/7, and their first drink is always free.

    Piranha Nightclub 

    If you’re looking for a “way more intimate and friendly than clubs on the [Vegas] strip,” (Rosie P., Yelp), then Piranha Nightclub is the place for you. 

    Piranha Nightclub is an all-inclusive LGBT nightclub where you’ll find lesbians and other queer people alike.

    Source: Piranha Nightclub

    Open from 10 pm to 5 am; it’s the place to go dance all stress away ‘til the morning. There’s also ample seating for when you want to rest. Keep in mind that cover charge may vary from weekend to weekend, and that backpacks and large items are not allowed inside.

    Expect busy crowds and long lines, since Piranha is also apparently a celebrity hot spot. Queer icons like Britney Spears and Sam Smith have all been seen partying it up at this nightclub.

    The Phoenix Bar & Lounge

    You’ll want to get your karaoke on at this lesbian-friendly gay bar with its own billiard and dance floor. Not only do they have karaoke, but pretty interesting takes on the games you know and love. Burlesque Bingo, anyone?

    The Phoenix Bar & Lounge has food, drinks, and gaming for the whole LGBT+ community. Here you can see the facade of the lounge's building at nighttime, decorated with statues with neon lighting.

    Source: The Phoenix Bar & Lounge Facebook page

    Keep an eye out for Phoenix Bar & Lounge events on Facebook. Patrons particularly love the atmosphere and menu, which has fries, poutine, quesadillas, and chicken wings. Check Phoenix out anytime, it’s open 24/7!

    Dance, party, and connect at these lesbian events in Las Vegas

    Sapphics know there’s much left to be desired in Vice City, which is why there are groups and events outside of bars and nightclubs that cater to women who love women. Read on to find out! 

    LEZ Vegas in Motion

    LEZ Vegas in Motion is a social group for women who love women, and they’ve got some exciting events and social gatherings to check out. From hiking to private-venue parties, kayaking, go-karting, coffees, and brunches. 

    LEZ Vegas in Motion is a meetup group for lesbians and sapphics. Take on Vegas lesbian life and dating by joining this group. Seen in this photo is a nighttime time lapse photo of a Las Vegas road in motion.

    So if you’re alcohol-free, you’re likely to find an event that works for you through this social group for sapphics.

    With over 1600 members, you’re likely to find some good friends at LEZ Vegas in Motion. They’ve got lesbian and sapphic meetups pretty much every week. Some upcoming events include wine tastings, poker nights, and painting!

    Las Vegas PRIDE

    We’d be remiss not to mention the annual Pride celebration in June! And thankfully, Las Vegas PRIDE has events all year round. 

    A crowd of people stand behind barriers. They are holding lesbian and gay pride flags and donning pride colored makeup at the Las Vegas PRIDE parade.

    Source: Las Vegas Review

    has events all year round. 

    Take your boo to pool parties, meet new LGBT friends at the Pride Parade, and attend family-friendly events like bingo. You can learn about upcoming events on the Las Vegas PRIDE website.

    So what’s on your itinerary? Low-key piano bar date then head to an LGBT club on the strip?

    Find your next nightclub date on the HER app and take them to the Las Vegas lesbian dating scene.  Lesbians and sapphics can be certain to find what they’re looking for if they’re looking in the right places. We hope you have fun in Vegas because everyone knows that’s what you’re there for. 

    And whenever you’re ready to hit up some iconic lesbian scenes in other cities across the US, we’ve got guides for that too.

    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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