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Love Languages

May 30, 2019

Love Languages are the 5 keys to your heart and the 5 keys to your partners. Having an understanding of the actions that make you feel loved can be the thing that can make or break a relationship. Now, you may have taken a Buzzfeed quiz or answered a random survey about this, but now it’s time to get a solid understanding of Love Languages.

Words of Affirmation:
This is when you hype up your partner by using words to make them feel good. It doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean novel, short and sweet is guaranteed to make your partner smile.
Your smile lights up the room

That button up is on point! Can I get your number? 
(this is great for couples who have been together a while, keeps the fire going) 

I love those earrings you are wearing

Acts of Service:
What are some chores or actions that your partner appreciates you doing? Do they hate taking out the trash or cooking meals? Take note, and do the things that require some thought and effort. Taking the time out of your day to genuinely be happy about doing these tasks because they will make your partner happy shows more than you know.

Physical Touch:
Now this doesn’t have to be 24/7, full makeout in the club type affection. But, kissing, holding hands, coming up and wrapping your arms around them when they are cooking or working, those are the types of actions that show your love for them. No amount of words or gifts could replace this.

Quality Time:
Get ready for it, this means you will have to put the phone down, turn off your laptop and take out the head phones. This is solid, throwback, quality time spending and your partner couldn’t love it more. This is the time to be present, whether it’s catching up on Gentlemen’s Jack or taking a walk, this is all about you bonding together.

Receiving Gifts:
Don’t think that you have to sign up for a membership with Amazon so that you can get unlimited two day shipping. These gifts are ones that you have put thought into, no matter how big or small they will make your partner feel absolutely loved. So grab their favorite popcorn or make a cute couple’s coupon book (that can also be a little naughty). No need to break the bank here, it’s the thought and effort that matters.

And there you have it! Figuring out your’s and your partners love language can be an amazing tool to refer to as your relationship grows. Especially if you are years in, or just beginning, figure out those love languages as soon as you can.

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