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The Most Popular Message Openers from HER’S DM Slider Tool

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Feb 10, 2022

The Most Popular Message Openers from HER’S DM Slider Tool

Picture this, you’ve been scrolling through HER and you just matched with an absolute hottie BUT you’re choking up at how to strike up a convo. Many of us have been here – you’re afraid to fall flat on your face because you don’t want to fumble your words. Thoughts start running through your mind of losing your future dream bae and before you know it you’re ready to hang up the apps altogether and plan a solo life with your cat.

Before you resign to the single cat person lifestyle, HER has you covered. Wow your future sweetie with some great lines from HER’s Opening Lines Generator! Take away the fear of sliding in the DM’s and fumbling the bag and instead slide into the DM’s as one smooooooth operator. Use some of these tried and true lines to secure their heart.

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How to Use the Tool

For a brief primer on how to use the tool (which is unbelievably simple!) let’s start here. As sexy queer hotties, we have a lot of dynamic hobbies, so right when you open the tool you’ll see a list of topics to choose from including music/tv, travel, pets, and even cheesy- for the inner cornball in all of us.

Once you pick a category, click ‘generate’ and bam. You’re in business. You can easily copy or share your line straight from the tool so there’s no excuse not to take the plunge today.

These Bold Lines will WOW Your Future Bae


1. Can I challenge the 2nd worst date you had? But tell me about the worst first and then we go.

Smoooooooth. ‘Nuff said.

2. Have you swiped right because of my eyes or hair?

Get straight to the point here.


3. Titanic. Well, that’s the icebreaker outta the way. How are you doing?

Laughter is the key to anyone’s heart so you can never go wrong with a corny movie reference. Plus, cuddling up and watching Titanic isn’t bad for a first date.

4. I get typing is tedious. So, tell me your life story in five emojis.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so tickle your crush’s heart with a beautifully crafted emoji masterpiece. ❤️😍☺️


5. That’s a beautiful name, what does it mean?

Opening with a compliment never fails. Plus it’s a great time to practice saying each other’s names for later.

6. You have one of those smiles that make me smile just looking at you. Thank you for brightening up my day.

Bring out their beautiful smile with this one.

7. Wow, you’re beautiful. Mind if I tell you that again over drinks next Saturday?

Drinks loosen everyone up to shake those nerves, so you can never go wrong with this date.


8. If you had to pick a theme song, to sum up your dating life, which one would you pick and why?

This is a great time to show off your spectacular music taste and show off that hot songs playlist you’ve been saving for a special time. (You know you have one…)

9. Want to lose at mini-golf? Or a cat drawing contest? Get back in an hour and you get a chance.

No one will turn down losing a friendly competition, so show your flirty and competitive spirit with this question.

10. What’s your idea of the perfect first date? (and yes, I might be fishing for ideas)

A little self-explanatory, but also a great time to reveal those crazy bucket list ideas you’ve been waiting to share with a partner. Skydiving anyone?

This is just a sample of the lines you can offer to your potential matches. Visit the Opening Line Generator for more options.

Find Matches on HER

Practice using these lines with the babes you can find on HER. Swipe right on a variety of queer folks that appeal to all tastes. You’ll be sure to connect with people through events or groups tailoring to different tastes, or through tried and true scrolling. Don’t be scared to send a DM to your match today, download HER today! 

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Alexandra hails from Boston, MA but is currently living in the DC Area. She's passionate about social justice, self-care, spirituality, and watching documentaries. She's no stranger to telling her story through writing and has written for a variety of freelance publications. You can find her on Instagram at @lexlexlexlexlex__.

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