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Pillow Princess [Lesbian Slang]

Feb 27, 2020

Pillow Princess [Lesbian Slang]
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  • A “pillow princess” is the Sleeping Beauty of the LGBTQ community. Only, even after you kiss them, they still lie there motionless. Pillow princesses are typically lesbians or queer/bi/pan women/non-binary people who don’t necessarily like to put in the “work” during sex. (According to Cosmopolitan, “pillow princess” can refer to straight people, too, but we think they could just let us have this one thing.) 

    What does “pillow princess” mean?

    A pillow princess is part of lesbian slang. It’s a queer, gay, bi, or pan woman/non binary person who likes to remain horizontal during sex — like a horny, lazy mermaid. 

    Pillow princesses are what we would refer to in the gay community as a “bottom,” only the opposite of a “power bottom” — a powerless bottom? They’re a bottom who basically likes to lie there and vibe (sometimes literally). They’re there to enjoy themselves, and they don’t really look forward to reciprocating. That’s not to say that a pillow princess has never topped, they probably have. They just got tired after a few minutes (seconds?) and gave up. Or if they do end up returning the favor, they’re most likely in a horizontal, head-propped-on-a-pillow position. Like a horny, lazy mermaid. 

    A pillow princess isn’t going to break a sweat when they have sex, unless it’s due to their own orgasm. Their favorite positions are missionary or lying on their stomach. Like a horny, lazy beached whale. You could sit on their face, but they’re more likely to fall asleep that way. They’re submissive in a I’ll-do-it-if-I-don’t-have-to-move kind of way, which can still be really hot tbh. 

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    Are pillow princesses bad in bed?

    You might be thinking pillow princesses are bad in bed, but really they’re just bad in bed in a cute way. Jk! They’re goddesses here for the worshipping. They’re also experts in dirty talk and can curate one hell of a sex toy collection. Sure, they might not be for everyone, but they have a very special place in the queer ecosystem. They tend to pair well with a nice power top, domme, etc. They’re also great if you want somebody who can have sex while binging a Netflix docu-series. (Taking Netflix and chill to the next level.)

    And if the princess in your life happens to be a high femme with an elaborate skincare routine, make sure to get them a nice silk pillowcase. They’ll be yours forever!

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