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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Feb 25, 2015

Enjoy this “One Night Stand” playlist while you comb through the following reading.
So you’re out one night, you meet someone, you hit it off, and things start to heat up. You both decide you want to take it further.

And now you’ve ended up back at their place.

Let the questions begin:

Do I stay over night?
Queery 1
That’s going to be your call. If you hit it off, why not? If they put it out there, you’re golden. Maybe she wants to cuddle or watch a movie. Perhaps she’s talking about breakfast, or going at it for another round (in the AM). If you’re feeling good vibes and it’s something that interests you, go for it. Who knows… maybe this will turn out to be one of those casual things, or even more than that.
Do I take off right after?
Once again, it’s your call. Maybe the sex wasn’t that great, or it just got awkward. There’s nothing worse than lying there in uncomfortable silence. Maybe she wants to cuddle but you’re not into it or vice versa. It just makes sense to get out of there. You’ve had your fun, but it isn’t going past that, so now it’s time to leave. You’ve got the lead so take it. Why extend the awkwardness any more than you need to? Grab your things, and make a quick exit. Be smart though; use the door (safety first), jumping out the window usually does not end well.
How do I get out of there?
Queery 2
This can be the most difficult part. Also, heavily dependent on how the night went. If it didn’t go well and she’s fallen asleep it’s easy to grab your things and make a quick getaway. If she’s still awake and the night wasn’t your cup of tea the best option is always to be polite. Doesn’t have to be a lengthy goodbye, just “thanks for the night,” and be on your way. If they’ve been rude, leave with your dignity and get out in silence. Here’s hoping that the night went well though, so you can thank them for a great time… If it seems like things could go further try to suggest meeting up again, maybe she’ll be interested.
CHANGE OF PLANS: we ended back up at my place instead.
Now how do I get her to leave?
Queery 3
Again, the hope is that the night went over well and it’s an easy goodbye. You thank her for a great time. Suggest doing it again (if you can see yourself spending another night with her). Maybe even exchange numbers if that suits you both, and then walk her to the door. BUT if things aren’t going so well, and you don’t want her to stick around, start by suggesting she leaves. Get dressed yourself. Help gather her stuff, and corral her towards the door. Here’s hoping she gets the (not so subtle) hint and follows your lead. It still never hurts to thank her for the night. If she’s not getting your hint just straight-up ask her to leave. Tell her “It was fun, but I need (insert action) so I’m going to need you to go”. If she gives you trouble, especially if she’s being aggressive, insist that she leaves and call up a friend. Make sure it’s someone you trust with whom you feel comfortable sharing the full situation. If need be, see if they can come over to help you get your visitor out. Finally, if things escalate, don’t be afraid to call the cops. Here’s hoping it never gets to that point though. Use your smarts when you meet someone new.
Sometimes it can be hard to stop and think when your mind is racing about the girl you’ve just met or where the night might be going, but always try to get some background information before you take things further. That will help you better decide whether or not it’s a good idea to proceed.
In the end, we all hope it all works in your favor (for a really good time)!

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