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Mar 23, 2016

  • What’s UP Her Gang! We’ve been getting so much feedback recently about the app, The Flannel, different pieces of content we’ve been sharing, how The Feed works. Some of it has been epic, some has been emotional, some has been tough love and some has been the most supportive we could imagine.
    So we thought it would be a cool idea to share with you some news about the latest goings on at Her, what we’ve been working on, what we’ve been thinking about & have a chance to get your opinions on it all! So here you go, here is THE OFFICE GOSS.

    1. I’m Robyn. I’m the founder of Her.

    Ok so it’s not so much goss but seeing as we’re about to hold some deep and meaningful chats about the app and ourselves and the community, I thought I could tell you a bit about me! I am a sugar FIEND, I eat about 1 bag of Haribo every day. I vomit if I hear people cracking their knuckles and I love cats but am allergic to them. I basically work every hour of my life on the app so don’t get up to much outside of work but building Her has completely changed my life. We’ve built this diverse, spectacular, crazy team who I love, we have a community who inspire me every day and I get to do probably the best job in the world. Enough for now but hopefully you get a sense of who I am, which makes having deep chats a bit easier.


    Me and my Granny at my sister’s wedding. She has purple hair. I now have pink hair. WinningPair.

    2. What we’re working on for the app right now….

    ANDROID – this really is taking up a HUGE amount of our time but we’re really close to it being ready. It took us a while to get around to Android because of our small team & our previous skill set BUT we’re finally there. So for 2 months we’ve been building & we’re just getting into testing. Seriously can’t wait to launch this baby & will probably be asking for your help when that time comes!
    MESSAGING – we’ve done a big tidy up of messaging to make it run faster & be more reliable. Normally with a big change there will be a few bugs to iron out so we’ll be on top of those & making it better as everyone starts using it.
    THE FLANNEL – we’ve always thought it’s funny how it feels like there’s never that much ‘stuff’ for lesbians, and the minute we see something cool we think, how did we not know about this before?! That’s what The Flannel is. All the cool stuff from the internet for queer women; great content, in your inbox & posted to the app so you can talk about it with other people.


    Im obsessed with this pic. And The Flannel. Srsly.

    Well, that certainly seems like I’ve spoken enough for this week! TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOU. What do you think about Android, are you liking The Flannel? Let me know below!

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