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We’re looking for our first Her Community Moderators

Mar 28, 2016

Hello Her peeps. We’re coming to a very exciting step change for Her – we’re looking for our first moderators for the community!

Watching how the Feed section has evolved over the past few months alone, we’ve realized how amazing some of our community members are at taking care of the community of their own accord. And we want to say a huge thank you and make it official! We’re looking to appoint about 20 moderators from across the world to keep an eye on the posts in the Feed, make sure they’re following our community guides and keep this a positive and supportive space for the Her community. 

Here’s a bit more about what we’re looking for:

You are:

  • A Her user, lover, supporter, champion
  • You love the Feed section of the app and are often posting, commenting and sharing 
  • You believe in creating a social space where women can meet and talk to one another openly, positively and in a supportive manner
  • You know how to handle the haters 

You’ll be asked to:

  • Check the app and keep up to date with the latest posts people in the community & your area have been writing 
  • Report posts, users and content that break the community guides 
  • Reply to any questions people may have about the community and the app 
  • Keep on with your awesome Her posting & commenting self

You’ll get:

  • A call with Robyn & the Her team to get up to speed
  • Official Her moderator profile 
  • Her merch! A hoodie and stickers
  • Join the Her Team chat room (online space with other Her City Leaders, Her Voices – its hella fun) 

If this sounds like your jam please apply by completing this form:


Can’t wait to hear from you and hopefully add you to the Her team!

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