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Sporty Dykon Meaning

A sporty dyke is exactly what it sounds like: a lesbian who loves them some sports. Or at the very least, look really hot in leggings. It’s kind of like if the lesbian world were Spice World. We have baby dykes, sporty dykes, scary dykes (your ex’s ex), posh dykes (high femmes), and ginger dykes (red-headed lesbians?). Girl power! 

A sporty dyke is a lesbian who loves them some sports. Or at the very least, they look good in athleisure. 

What is sporty dyke fashion?

According to Pink News, a sporty dyke is “a lesbian who dresses in sporty clothing and plays a lot of sport.” So even if a sporty dyke isn’t good at sports, they can still be considered a sporty dyke if they wear enough athleisure. (Not to be confused with some femmes who wear athleisure but never go outside.) 

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Typically, sporty dykes are butches or soft butches, meaning they have more masculine-leaning energy and style, or are more on the “masculine” side of the butch/femme scale. But judging by the U.S. soccer team, there are a lot of really hot sporty femme dykes as well. And while abs are not required to be a sporty dyke, they are appreciated. 

Let’s be honest, after soft butch queen Katie Sowers coached at the Super Bowl this year, we pretty much all became sporty dykes. 

This is part of our official queer glossary – check it out!