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Sunday Dattch Chat: Sochi, Sexism And Squirrels

Feb 09, 2014

We spent our week designing Valentine’s Day cards, attempting to replace cookies with fruit (we failed) and having fun at Winter Pride.  We’re assuming that you were busier than us and that maybe you missed a few things that happened on the Internet this week, so here are a few random things to catch you up.

  • It was a big week for LGBT rights as the 2014 Olympics Games kicked off in Sochi this week with the BBC coverage presented by lesbian sports presenter, Clare Balding.  Not that Clare needs defining as a lesbian sports presenter, but it is what has sparked such controversy over her taking on the role this year as many felt Clare should boycott the games.  We love that she’s out there, doing her job and giving gay people visibility but let’s not forget that Russia isn’t the only country with douchebag homophobes in it. The Daily Mail show the kind of things people are saying about and to Clare on Twitter.
  • Also, today, Jenny Jones won Britain’s first ever medal in a snow event for snowboarding, slopestyle.  Congratulations, Jenny!
  • Unrelated (well, sports makes you sweaty, so maybe) we all wear anti-perspirants, body sprays and perfumes but would you want to try Boob Deodorant?
  • Lupita Nyong’o is everywhere right now.  The star of 12 Years A Slave was featured in the usually overly white Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue and we’re glad to see she’s representing talented women everywhere with her intelligence, beauty and fierceness.  Plus, we has a crush.
  • A male student of a Canadian gender studies course has hilariously tried to sue his professor for failing him, as apparently she did so because he was the only male in the class.  Her reason for failing him?  He never showed up.  Oh yeah, strong case there, definitely sexist.  He declined to appear in class as being the only male made him feel uncomfortable.  Guess he didn’t like the irony of experiencing what every women feels when she goes into a work meeting to find she’s the only woman.  He did know it was gender studies he signed up for, right?
  • In shocking news this week, Piers Morgan failed at being a decent human being this week when he had no respect for his guest, Janet Mock, who happens to be a transwoman.

And, just because, here’s a video of a squirrel trying to bury a nut in a dog’s fur.

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