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Tea with Auntie: Use those Batteries

Sep 09, 2019

Tea with Auntie is a bi-weekly advice segment. Have questions you want Auntie to answer? Share your questions here:

Dear Auntie,
I feel like a 23 year old outcast. My entire dating history consists of me being with women. But because of my own struggle with my religion upbringing, I never had sex with any of the women I dated or any person otherwise. I still wanted to wait till marriage. Since then, I have had a change of heart! Sex is okay! I wanna do it! But I still have rules (i.e., I prefer to be dating, casual or monogamously). But the combination of my age and lack of experience seems to be a big turn off for most. I’m either lying about my numbers or I’m just “experimenting”. I don’t wanna throw myself at the nearest female, but I’m so eager to experience that form of connection. What am I supposed to do, Auntie? I’m running out of batteries. – ShayB, 23

Oh honey child, it sounds like you need to invest in some actual batteries and connect with yourself via a vibrator! Get that experience yourself – no one comes into sex as a professional. Plus, you are only 23, there are plenty of people who just came out of the closet at 23. But you start figuring things our yourself with those battery filled devices you will see what another person can give you, rather than being completely lost on a road you’ve never been on. And never, ever throw yourself at the nearest female, because that connection you are looking for will truly feel like a dead battery if you do. That person will show up for you, but don’t expect it to be all that, the first time is always weird and then you figure it out. Enjoy yourself and the rest will come (pun intended).
Community, you know what to do – sound off in the comments with your advice for this weeks Tea with Auntie.

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