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The 15 most popular comedians, loved by lesbian & queer women

Nov 25, 2015

The 15 most popular comedians, loved by lesbian & queer women

The past year has been a landmark one for women in comedy. From SNL to huge blockbuster movies, there’s never been greater visibility of female comedians. Although there is still a huge leap to make for representation, we wanted to hear which comedians were LOLing your boat. Who made you laugh and cry until you couldn’t laugh anymore. Here’s the list of the top 15 comedians loved by lesbian and queer women.

1. Amy Schumer.

She pretty much killed this year, and clearly killed all of you, you LOVED her.

2. Ellen

Our OG Ellen, one of the funniest women on TV, and our eternal lesbian guru.

3. Margret Cho

No one talks about sex like Margret Cho does. Get ready to get hilariously real with this woman.

4. Rose Ellen Dix

Very British and very very funny, Rose Ellen Dix and her hilarious wife Rosie have characters and that snarky British sarcasm down to a T.

5. Lucille Ball

One of the foremothers of comedy, Lucille Ball can do slapstick like no other

6. Rebel Wilson

With just too many huge Hollywood hits to mention in the past couple of years alone, she kills it every. single. time.

7. Kate McKinnon

The first openly gay cast member of SNL (which makes us biased in no way at ALL) she’s got to be the strongest, most hilarious performer of them all. She owns our hearts. Forever.

8. Arielle Scarcella

One of the first, biggest and best lesbian Youtubers out there, no one knows how to make us laugh at the ridiculousness of being a lesbian as much as Arielle does.

9. Sandi Toskvig

A British icon, Sandi has owned the classic snide British comedy scene for years. She’s smart, posh and not one to beat around the bush.

10. Wanda sykes

In every single sketch Wanda Sykes DE-LIVERS. She’s the most consistent and hilarious female comedian on screens at the moment.

11. Lizzy Lezzy

She has one of the most popular Facebook pages for queer women on the internet, Lizzy The Lezzy is queen of the lesbian memes.

12. Tig Notaro

Tig’s ability to make an awkward story even more awkward than you ever thought awkwardly possible makes her one of our absolute favorites. Every awkward moment is goddam relatable.

13. Mae Martin

The Canadian comedian can make us laugh about lesbians like no other. We want more and more Mae, at every moment.

14. Bria & Chrissy

This Youtbe couple are not only singing popstar sensations, they are political activists and two of the most funny women on the webz.

15. Marga Gomez

If you ever seen this woman on stage you’ll know the energy she brings to her shows is infectious and contagious. See a clip of her here and make sure you catch her in real life.

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