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Woman To Watch: Mae Martin

Feb 18, 2014

  • There are tonnes of amazing women out there who are shaking things up in their industry.  Across business, sport, art and tech, we’re talking to incredible ladies to learn about their lives and how they’re changing the game.  As the wise philosopher, Beyonce, once said, “Who run the world? Girls.”
    Name:  Mae Martin
    Age:  26
    Location:  London
    Sexuality:  Depends who is asking. Lets say queer because it seems to cover all the bases.
    First ever job:  Comedian! Started at age 13.
    Uni? What/ where?  I dropped out of school very young, to my parents’ dismay, and got my whole education in dark dingy comedy clubs.
    Current occupation:  Comedian
    Months or years in current field:  Embarrassing to say but 13 years now. Why aren’t I more succesful?
    Tell us what your typical day looks like:  My life is a glamorous, hectic blur of jacket potatoes, coffee, crying at moving videos people have shared on facebook, re-sharing those videos, and doing comedy shows.
    What was your first big professional break?  Doing a TV show in Canada called “Cream of Comedy” when I was 16.  I was so nervous.
    What’s been your biggest achievement to date?  In life? I once rescued a puppy that was dying of thirst in the desert in Utah, Arizona. In comedy? Russell Howard’s Good News I think!
    What keeps you awake at night?  Whether or not the “T” at the end of “Lord Voldemort” is silent.
    Have you ever cried at work?  No, thank God i’ve always managed to keep it together.  Tears might really kill the mood at a comedy gig.
    What’s your ultimate goal to achieve?  Inner peace.
    What did you want to be when you were 5 yrs old?  One of the muppets.
    Who is your work idol?  Justin Beiber. He’s a comedian, right?

    Catch Mae at the Camden Head tonight and at the Albany pub on Great Portland Street on 8th March.  Visit her facebook page for more info about upcoming shows.

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