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A Woman To Watch: Lori Michaels

May 14, 2014

There are tonnes of amazing women out there who are shaking things up in their industry.  Across business, sport, art and tech, we’re talking to incredible ladies to learn about their lives and how they’re changing the game.  As the wise philosopher, Beyonce, once said, “Who run the world? Girls.”
Lori Michaels is a singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, and runs a successful east coast dance studio along with her charitable non-profit “Reach Out” now in it’s 25th year. Her CD’s, EP’s, songs are available on iTunes and if you ever get a chance to see a live show, DO NOT MISS IT- it’s so hot, you’ll be unbuttoning your blouse in a matter of minutes. Just one of the many perks of being a lesbian superstar, I suppose.

Name: Lori Michaels
Location:  Jersey Girl/NYC
Sexuality:  Lesbian Superstar
First ever job:   TV commercial
Current occupation:  “Lesbian Superstar”, “Music Impresario”, Co-Owner of The ViiBE Dance Center, and President/Founder of the non-profit organization REACH OUT, INC.
Months or years in current field:  Reach Out, Inc. celebrating 25 years, The ViiBE was established in 2011, BRAVO TV Mogul Andy Cohen initially proclaimed me as “Lesbian Superstar” in 2010, and my first song ever was officially released when I was a teenager.
Tell us what your typical day looks like: Juggling daily management tasks of running a dance center, a noteworthy charitable organization, and music production company and creatively still performing (and instructing dance/fitness/music) while trying to sneak in a nap (or at least a decent amount of hours sleep).
What was your first big professional break? For me, for sure it was being the opening act for New Kids on The Block (who at the time was the biggest boy band around).
What’s been your biggest achievement to date? Celebrating 25 years of my non-profit organization: REACH OUT, INC.
What keeps you awake at night? Agita over exes. (Agita- is an Italian word for “upset stomach”)
Have you ever cried at work?  Yes. While recording and performing- and at times while I teach/coach as well. 
What’s your ultimate goal to achieve? “I have achieved almost every personal and professional goal I have set…except for a successful relationship.” -Derek Jeter
What did you want to be when you were 5 yrs old? A star (or a baseball player for the New York Yankees or a professional race car driver).
Who is your work idol?  The teachers who showed me what it really takes to be the best that you can be-on stage and off.

Thanks to Denise Warner of My Lesbian Radio for this post!

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