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Australia Does Mardi Gras: LGBTQ Style

Feb 16, 2015

Let’s talk about the celebration of love that is about to sweep over Sydney, Australia. That’s right, I’m talking about Mardi Gras, where the colors are vibrant, the people are drunk, and (plot twist!) it’s for the LBGTQ Community. Parties, parades, sports, film festivals, discussions, and even a few celebrity performances (Kiesza, anyone?) all for us. The Festival runs from February 20th to March 8th this year, so put on your bright and fabulous costume and enjoy the gayest nights down unda!

fair dayCredit: Star Observer

Fair Day. If the jumping animals don’t get you to come, reorganize your priorities! Fair Day is the official kick off to Mardi Gras, and has a little something for everyone, even your dog. There are plenty of stalls that provide information/demos, give out free stuff, and hold competitions for your four-legged friend. After checking those out, head over to the main stage where there’s music, dancing, comedians, and some fierce Drag Queens. It’s a win for everyone.

gay parade

Credit: Mardi Gras Organization

Parade. What would Mardi Gras be without a parade? What would ANY Pride celebration be without a parade? This is the culminating event of Mardi Gras, and Sydney is not holding back. Run between Oxford Street and Flinders Street (the gay capital of Sydney), you’ve got the option of cheering from the sidelines, watching from the cozy view of your favorite bar, shelling out some cash for VIP seats, or joining a float. There are advertisements everywhere recruiting people to join the parade party, so take your pick and show up!

snatch for girlssnatch for girls

Credit: Snatch for Girls

Let’s Party. ruby rose! Ruby Rose!! RUBY ROSE!!! She’s back from the States where she has been filming Orange is the New Black Season 3, and since that is SO far away, she’s decided to grace our presence with a performance at Kit and Kaboodle on February 26th. You can pretty much guarantee that all the best lesbian women will be at this party. I know I will!

pride party

Credit: Mardi Gras Organization

Okay, I got a little off track over the excitement of Ruby Rose coming to town, sorry about that, but one of the main parties for Mardi Gras is the Harbour Party, featuring Kiesza! This party is held, in true Harbour fashion, right in the heart of the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Picturesque views of the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and thousands of people getting their party on to some of the Best DJ’s Sydney and the UK have to offer. This is not a party that you want to miss!
So that’s a quick rundown of the main events for Sydney Mardi Gras, but if you want to check out all of the events here are the links to the Mardi Gras Organization website and the Official Festival Guide. I’ll be providing more information as the weeks go on. Can’t wait to See you down unda!

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