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Showing your bi aesthetic: fashion inspiration for bisexuals

Robyn Exton

Jun 20, 2023

Showing your bi aesthetic: fashion inspiration for bisexuals

There is nothing more stylish than owning who you truly are. That’s why the bi aesthetic is booming on social media right now. Bisexuality is enigmatic if you want it to be or straightforward if that’s what suits your fancy. And showing your bisexual pride through your style can help you express individuality, find your people, or even find your match. 

Words like “fashion,” “style,” and “sexuality” are vocabulary words that sometimes fit neatly into an individual’s experience and sometimes not so much. So other things like clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and the whole outfit can all be combined and experimented with to make the perfect bisexual aesthetic outfit for you

So take our tips and tricks as inspiration and make them your own! After this, you’ll find it easier to get a bisexual fit together and claim your own style that screams “big bi energy.

From gender-inclusive to gender-expansive: trying out different bisexual styles

A stylish person with a curly bisexual bob sits on the hood of a car.

Bisexuality doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It overlaps with so many different parts of someone’s life and journey. You can be bisexual and trans, or bisexual and a cis-woman who is very feminine, or a bisexual, non-binary person who dresses quite masc. You could work from home or be quite handy in your profession, requiring clothing that’s easy to move in.

Build your bi wardrobe off what feels good on your body and styles that speak most authentically to you and your lifestyle.

Marley, the Non-binary Parent on Instagram, says, “ I think the beauty of being bi is being able to explore different styles and play with clothes instead of sticking to one thing.”

Some good questions to ask yourself are: what colors do you gravitate towards? What shapes do you like to create with your body? 

The goth aesthetic, for example, relies heavily on the color black and many chain accessories. You can expect a lot of layers and harnesses here too. 

Streetwear is also another popular style amongst bisexuals. Wear athleisure sweatpants that can be worn at home as easily as they can be worn to a grocery run. And the best part? You can dress up streetwear or dress it down as you please with a switch of an item.

A person with glasses wears a black beanie. Tall trees take up the background of the photo.

Perhaps Cottagecore calls your name. You dream of a life in the woods, foraging for goods to make a delicious meal for your partner later at home. Flowy dresses with flower patterns and braids usually do the trick for this vibe.

Whatever your aesthetic, you’ve got to start somewhere! And hey, if you happen to be bi, then it’s a bi vibe! 

Build out your bi clothing aesthetic with these basics for accessories, clothing, shoes, and more

If you’re unsure if you want to start with specific styles like goth or cottage-core to figure out your bi aesthetic, you can break it down into the basics. 

Starting from the top, you may want to don the biconic bisexual bob. Your favorite bi characters have it — from Korra from The Legend of Korra to Petra from Jane the Virgin. There’s something about this face-framing hairstyle that makes all the bis feel seen

Petra Solano is a bisexual woman character from the hit CW show Jane the Virgin. She dons a blonde bisexual bob along with a blue dress.

Source: The CW

If you’re looking for more gender-nonconforming looks, you can also check out some inspiration for haircuts for trans people! Because, after all, bisexual trans people do exist! 

As for clothes, you can begin building your foundational wardrobe, like T-shirts and slacks. Begin with solid colors and work your way up to patterns if you’re not yet comfortable. As clothes have no gender, feel free to expand and experiment with dresses, if you haven’t already. Both& Apparel is a good place to shop for basics for trans-masc folks. And Chromat is a gender-neutral swimwear brand that you’ll want to check out for the upcoming summer season. 

Abby Luke, TikTok Influencer and thirst trap pro, loves to own her bisexuality on video. She says that the pieces in her closet that scream big bi energy the most are her thrifted “oversized blazers… especially the ones that are bright colors!”

As for shoes, the queers love nothing more than combat boots. If that’s your speed, check out NiK Kacy, a gender-free footwear brand. And when it comes to accessories, there are so many options! You can get real on the nose and show your bisexual pride with pride enamel pins from Bianca Designs.

When building your basic bi wardrobe, the idea isn’t to haul every single item from all of these shops but to take the time to see what calls out to you the most! 

Putting it all together: Bisexual aesthetic outfit ideas for different occasions

Shapes, colors, styles, basics, there are a lot of places you could start when it comes to the perfect bisexual fit. Let’s take it outside and inspire you for different occasions you can put all the pieces together!

Bisexual outfits for the bar

A stylish femme woman sits wearing boots and a black two-piece.

If you’re a masc who wants to show up stylish to a bar date with a match from HER, try wearing comfortable shoes with rolled-up jeans. You can almost never go wrong with a matching raglan top. Do a little French Tuck, and you’ll look perfectly fly for your date.

If you’re more feminine, you can’t go wrong with Chelsea boots and a little black dress. Make it pop with a colorful cardigan and some statement jewelry! 

Bratz vibes at school

Maybe a teacher has told you, “It’s school, not a fashion show!”

But… why can’t it be? Feeling yourself has never been a crime! Whether you’re going all-out Euphoria vibes or experimenting with Y2K: flashy jewelry, vibrant makeup, and eccentric pieces of clothing are fun ways to express yourself while experimenting with style.

We’ll share a secret: you don’t even have to save this cool style for school. Try it out at the next party or a fun photoshoot with friends! 

A person lays in front of a pink background. They wear a pink hat, crop top, and bedazzled distressed jeans and platform shoes

Boss bi vibes 

Boss or not, you want to feel your best when you’re working. Dressing smartly can definitely help with that. Pair a neutral blazer with high-rise slacks for a laid-back but professional look. Anyone can rock this look, but bisexuals? They got that extra spice! 

Focused woman using earphones and laptop at home during work

Bisexual outfits for bagging a masc or femme 

There’s no love potion for attracting a certain kind of sapphic because it matters what they like at the end of the day. When it comes to dressing up for your crush: only you can decide what feels best on your body and feels truest to your own expression. Then, genuine romantic, sexual, and platonic connections will come your way. 

The truest bi aesthetic is one that makes you say, “that’s me.” There is no authority figure out there that can say what is and isn’t “bi enough.” You are enough! 

Figuring out your bi aesthetic is all about exploring and loving who you are. Lucky for you, you can easily download HER and find genuine connections that will also appreciate the real you, too.

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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