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Building Strong Habits

Jan 13, 2020

A new year means a new you, right? Or at least that’s the common phrase we always hear at the start of a new year. As cliché as it sounds and no matter how many times you roll your eyes, don’t underestimate the motivation behind starting a new year. The start of the year brings that fresh feeling of starting over, the excitement to try something new, or the hope that this could be your best year yet. 

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to reflect on your previous year and strategize which habits or behaviors you might want to change moving forward. Most of the time, these resolutions are related to pursuing a healthier lifestyle or crushing that last bit of financial debt we might still be holding on to. Although we often have good intentions behind these resolutions, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February

The key to keeping New Year’s resolutions is building strong habits that will hold you accountable. These habits will eventually start to become second nature and start to feel more natural in your daily routine. Rather than focusing on always trying to complete your New Year’s resolutions, focus on creating habits that will continually set you up for success.

Start With A Small Habit
Our willpower is like a muscle, the more we flex it, the stronger it becomes. Before you say you’re going to run a marathon, or attempt to read a book every week, try incorporating small habits into your routine. This could be running one mile a day or reading a couple of pages of a new book before heading to bed. By creating habits that are small and manageable, you are exercising and strengthening your willpower more and more. Although these habits are small, the success you get from completing them will motivate you to pursue accomplishing larger resolutions. 

Increase Your Habits
Once you have successfully mastered a small habit, try increasing it! The more you practice these habits, the more stamina you will have and the easier these tasks will be. With your end goal in sight, continue to challenge yourself and push the boundaries of what you are used to. If you’re running one mile, try running one and a half or two. Habits are all about growth and in order for them to remain consistently positive, you must continue to grow, learn, and change.

Build Habits That Relate To Each Other
Chances are that your New Year’s resolutions are similar or connected in one way or another. Try to build habits that are going to complement each other and work together for you to accomplish your overall goals. For example, most New Year’s resolutions focus on pursuing a healthier and more active lifestyle. Rather than tackling this whole goal all at once, create multiple habits that will work together to help you achieve your mission. Start building a consistent and challenging gym routine that keeps your body moving. Then pair this new habit with a nutrient-dense weight loss program to give your body the energy it needs to sustain your new lifestyle. Eating healthier food choices and grabbing a workout on a daily basis will work together to give you the results you are looking for. Ultimately, when you start to see these habits pay off, you will be more motivated to crush your goals for the new year. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
Failure can happen, but it’s when we don’t try to get back on track that we have truly failed. The chaos of your busy work schedule, spending time with your significant other, and squeezing in that social interaction can cause you to miss your workout and have a day of unhealthy eating. It’s okay! Remind yourself why your goals are important and think about how you can improve your habits for the future. Each day is a lesson learned as long as you keep moving forward!

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