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Tea with Auntie: Challenge Accepted

Jan 21, 2020

Tea with Auntie is a bi-weekly advice segment. Have questions you want Auntie to answer? Share your questions here:

I am a transgender woman (she/her/hers) who is struggling to find my identity as a woman. I know who I am but I’m often faced with people with bigoted views who challenge my identity as a woman. How do I stay confident in who I am regardless of what’s in my pants? – Katie, 33

Auntie: Katie, you’ve already said it. YOU know who YOU are. This world is filled with a whole lot of ugly, and a solid side of stupid. But they are challenging because they are either: confused, don’t understand or have been fed lies from other people in their lives. And at the end of the day, all of those people are not deserving of your time.
I would suggest finding your own community in your space. Either online, going to LGBTQ+ meetups, hanging out at LGBTQ+ friendly establishments. These spaces will provide support and help guide you in how to best deal with these daily interactions, whether you want to take the time to educate them or say “Girl, bye” and go on with your day. Keep that base of knowing yourself, because that is the best gift you can have. And finally, it’s nobody’s business what is in your pants.

Any other advice from you, community? Leave it in the comments!

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