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Sorting out the 14th of February

Feb 08, 2013

There’s a certain day coming around the corner. It’s got a 4 and 1 in it. And it begins with a V. It’s not really a high favourite of the city singleton. Because no matter how you approach Valentine’s Day as a single lady, there’s no denying that it’s there. You’re going to notice the cards and the flowers and the couples. The swirly whirly menus and the ‘Dine In’ deals. No avoiding it, no denying it. Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and you don’t have a date.
One of the toughest things about Feb 14th nowadays though is that we’ve all been brought up to hate it. To varying degrees, sure, but I can’t say I’ve ever crossed paths with someone that really likes it. That openly says “Great! Valentine’s day! I can dote on that stranger I’ve loved from afar and will most likely never speak to” or “I can spend too much money on that average person I’m not even that into” or even “Wonderful, I can buy an overpriced, crappy dinner for the woman I love”.

Maybe it’s something that we all say we don’t like but secretly, deep down, really want to love. Because it represents a day for love, for getting wrapped up in a bit of romance and for getting carried away with your feelings for someone. I mean we must like it a bit, because it still seems to happen, every year. Despite everyone saying they hate it. So if we admit it, that we like the day because we all want a bit of romance or flirting or love in our lives, then we can do something about it. And you should, do something about it.
Don’t hide or moan the day away, or go to one of those ironic Valentines Hate parties. Just go out and get yourself a date.
Because all we’re talking about here is a date. It’s not something that’s going to kill you or change the course of your life forever. It’s just asking someone out. You’ve got this weekend. And you’ve got Dattch. So here’s what you need to do.
Go out. This weekend. There’s Candy Bar, open tonight. And every night this weekend. There’s the Stilettos launch party @ Bijou for femmes on Saturday. The Most Cake have a book club meeting on Sunday. And you have Dattch. An address book of hundreds of lesbians. The women are there and now you know where to find them. So all you need to do, is ask one out.

And how exactly do you do that? The magic formula that has been handed down from generation to generation of Dattch Love Gurus? Go and talk to her. Say Hi, tell her your name, ask her how her week has been. Charm her. Buy her a drink. Or even jump all those steps and just ask her out for a drink. Ask if she’s free next Thursday. (If she’s not, best you know now anyway)
Worst case scenario – she says no. You do a 🙁 and either carry on with your plans to do nothing, or go on to find the next hot girl.
Best case scenario – you get yourself a date, a wicked night out, with a super hottie, and you have a night to find out about someone completely new.
So maybe it is a bit scary and you’ll get a bit nervous. But you know what, you’re only here once a year. And you’re a smart woman, you know no one is going to sort this out for you. And if you can’t even ask someone out on a date, what are you going to be able to achieve in life? Woman up. Find your inner siren. Ask her out. It could be a great night, it could be the start of something new, it could be ‘That Awful Date You Had Last Valentines Day’, but at least there’ll be something to laugh about with your friends. After all, it’s just a date. And you’ll never know until you try.

Once you’ve ticked that off the list you can check back in next week for our selection of the top 5 acceptable Valentine’s Date ideas.

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