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The Cringe Free Vee Date

Feb 13, 2013

If you paid good heed to our last love related post you should have a date lined up for Thursday. Congratulations. You’re a super-stoked, powered up, date lined up woman. For those of you that still haven’t plucked up the courage, grow a pair of tits and ask someone out. If you’re still stuck on how to get the ball rolling, send them this link. Say it made you take the risk. We don’t mind, we’ll take the hit.
Either way – you’re going to be going on a date this Thursday. But the question is now, what can you do that doesn’t sound skin-crawlingly-cringetastic, for a first date or otherwise. We’re all sold on the fact that Valentine’s Day is a wonderfully commerical affair and we don’t want to be fleeced just for participating in it. So we suggest you take your sweet Valentine on one of these alternative, yet still pretty cool, dates;
1. The Shot Date – Pick a bar (our preference is a Vodka Revs but each to their own) and follow this one rule – the only drink you’re allowed is shots. You’ll get to the good stuff pretty quickly, enteratin yourselves trying to drink the weirdest, grossest shots you can find and blame it alllllll on the booze. IMPORTANT WARNING: Eat before you do this. Or it could get messy.

2. The Fright Date – take a London Horror Tour Jack the Ripper walk around Tower Bridge. She’ll shriek and you’ll be there to hold her hand. Who are we kidding, you’ll both be whimpering like babies.

3. The Cinema Selector – a bit like a cinema roulette, one person picks a cinema, one person picks a time. No one looks at the listings. You turn up to the cinema and see the next film showing. No peeking, cheating or planning for a smoochy one. Afterwards you can share a Tango Iceblast to disect the film and each other.

4. Embrace The Cheese – why not embrace the cheese factor, follow your heart and head for it’s true desire – a cheesy date. La Fromagerie is a beautiful Marylebone based restaurant / shop / cafe, with one of the most superb selections of cheeses this country has to offer. Get there early to avoid the queue and woo her Dolcehearte or end up alone with the Stinking Bishop.

5. The Private Date – if you’re set on doing the dinner thing but really can’t face looking at all those awful couples having a cringe worthy time, book yourself into the booth at Mishkins. Doors closed, flick the light for service. It’s private dining at it’s best – actually private. Realistically, you ain’t getting this for Thursday, but maybe book ahead for next year….

Whatever you do, have fun. Embrace your inner cupid and have a great night. Tell us how your date went. We want to know ALL the goss.

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