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Dattch: What's in a Name?

Feb 02, 2015

What’s in a name…
Apparently, everything. Recently we polled our readers and users across the UK and the US, and you know what we found? Dattch is not the best name.
Don’t get me wrong; for those of us who’ve been using Dattch since its launch, there is a certain amount of sentiment attached to the 6-letter word. But sentimentality aside, Dattch is difficult to spell, difficult to remember and even more difficult to say.
Not to mention, you’ve probably had one of these moments after saying it out loud:
oh no she didn't.gif

reaction not good.gif

tina again.gif

Dattch is not a euphemism for female genetalia. It’s not a new term for Dyke. It’s not the giant hole in the ground you drove your car into that one time. It’s not offensive. It’s not flattering. It’s just Dattch.

As a company you want your name to conjure all sorts of fuzzy feelings in your target audience. Right now, our target audience thinks:

Dyke, Ditch, Butch, Snatch, Dutch, Catch, Dyke Catch, Date Snatch, Dykey-Butchy-Snatch

to name a few. And although we love the creativity, we want our name to represent who we are, who are users are, and what we stand for.

My favorite example is the reaction I got when I told my mother about my new job. – “I just joined a company I really believe in mom.” “What’s the name?” “Dattch.” “That’s gross, Kacie.” – My own mother thought that Dattch was just another slang term for vagina. The more people I told, the more I got this face:

oprah image
We want people to feel proud when they say “I’m on X”. We want them to feel empowered and confident. We want them to remember the name, be able to spell it, and spread the word. So get ready for some changes. You’re going to love telling people that you’re on…
To be continued.

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