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#GiveItARest: Help Us Give Restrooms A Gender Neutral Option

May 31, 2016

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  • Every American should have the right to use the bathroom without worries, fear or worse.
    They shouldn’t be forced to use a designated restroom because of their birth gender or have to dwell on which door to go through. They should just be able to… go.
    Laws have passed in Mississippi and North Carolina that will endanger lives and cause distress to trans people.
    This is why we’re launching the #GiveItARest campaign. We want every public restroom in America to have a gender neutral option and we need your help.
    We’ve designed and printed gender neutral stickers. Put them up in your local public restrooms to make them gender neutral.

    Request #GiveItARest Stickers

    We’re giving them away free of charge. We’ll be shipping them across the country.
    Fill in the form to receive a free pair of #GiveItARest stickers.
    Help us improve the lives of trans and non-binary people across America by supporting their rights and access to restrooms. 
    If governments won’t pass laws to protect our community, then we will take the matter in our own hands.

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    • Table of Contents