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HER Sound: Ms. Jackson

Jun 26, 2015

She’s one of the icons of the San Francisco queer scene who caught our eyes, ears and hearts the minute we met her. Ms. Jackson is the California based, West cost touring DJ that has a small thing for women that wear glasses. She’s a San Francisco Her Ambassador and weekly columnist but most importantly – TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!! As SF Pride begins, we got to ask her a few questions.

Who is Ms. Jackson and what makes you amazing?

I am Ms. Jackson aka Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty aka DRTYBTCH aka Dirty Bangz.  I’m an artist, DJ, creator and HER brand ambassador based in San Francisco.
I’m amazing because I have a deep, deep love for music and DJing.  My style and energy comes from inherently wanting people to have the best time and dance their booties off at the parties.  I get to spin at the BEST dance parties in the Bay Area including U-Haul, Cockblock, Bootie, Bruno’s, Pu$$y Party and I’m the resident DJ for MANimal Fridays at Beaux in The Castro.  You can see me in Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver for parties though out the year so don’t miss out.



HA you have so many names.  What is DRTYBTCH?

Funny story, Kidd Sysko (DJ + bad ass) and I use to spin together at a lot of girl parties in SF.  Our friends started calling us dirty b*tches.  We would spin a lot of dirty hip-hop, house, electro club anything to get girls dirty on the dance floor.  That name “dirty b*tch” stayed in my head for like a year.  It formed into DRTYBTCH as a collaborative brand for artists and DJs to create.  It gave me an outlet to work with super talented artists since two is much better than one 😉

I’m so excited to be working on a remix EP that will be finished up at the end of this year.  We’ve put out a bunch of mixtapes and gear that you can get on as well.

When did you come out and how do you identify?

I had one of those truly great coming out moment.  I feel very blessed that I’ve had a super supportive family and friends that let me come out when I was ready.  My friends told me they knew I was gay before I knew I was gay HA.  It was 2002 my golden birthday (26th to be exact) and I came out during New York City Pride…literally.  I officially told one of my closest friends, Robin Hopkins that weekend and she took me out to my first Pride.  My eyes were glazed over like a donut by the sea of lesbians in the West Village.  I was truly stunned.  I’ve been gay ever since.
I identify as a woman loving women that also loves bulldogs…a lot!


How do you positively impact the gender divide in the DJ business?

As a DJ, I’ve always been focused on the music.  That’s what it should be about.  People are so caught up in gender and putting a divide in creation.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if a female or male creates the energy for people.  It doesn’t matter at all.  I impact the divide by making it all about the music.  I want to be the best DJ that I can be and make music that makes people dance.  Not to focus myself as a female DJ.  I’m a DJ and that’s that.

Are you single, married, it’s complicated or D: All of the above?

I am married to my DJ life and a proud mother to my 9 year old english bulldog Roxie.  But…yes…I guess I’m single!

If you could date one character from Orange Is The New Black who would it be?

It would definitely be Alex Vause cause she’s a former drug dealer which is kind of hot, she wears glasses which is really hot and she wears glasses which is ridiculously HOT!


What do you find is the most attractive thing when you meet someone?

Obviously I’m attracted to women that wear glasses! Confidence is really sexy and so is laughter.  This life is so short and one not to be taken too seriously.  I like women that also feel the same.

What is has been one of your best moments as a DJ?

Hands down it was last year for San Francisco Pride when I played at the main stage on Saturday afternoon.  The whole Civic Center area was just starting to get busy and the weather was absolutely fantastic.  Within 30 minutes the main stage was packed with hundreds of people.  It was beyond amazing.  Another cool moment was being able to spin at San Francisco City Hall in 2013 when the marriage ban was lifted in San Francisco. There was a party there on Sunday after the parade was over with people celebrating and getting married…FINALLY.


What are your all-time favorite songs to spin and why?  (Can be from any decade, any genre of music)

There is nothing better than being able to play for a crowd that is open to many different genres of music.  I pride myself as being a DJ that will play music that you haven’t ever heard.  I believe that DJs are the greatest outlet for music discovery.  I use to love going out to clubs in New York to hear music I’ve never heard before.  That’s actually why I became a DJ because I always loved playing music for people.
It’s so hard to pick a few songs but Salt ’N Pepa “Push It” cause that’s an all-time favorite of mine.  Anything by Diplo, Crookers, Treasure Fingers, TJR and Yellowclaw are some of my dance club favorites.  I can always throw down some UGK, Riff Raff, Outkast or Jay-Z “Big Pimpin’” which makes me super happy.

Ms. Jackson will be at the San Francisco Pride festival spinning at; Beaux on Friday night for MANimal Fridays, Drake Lounge for U-Haul with Kasha Kennedy and Chelsea Starr on Saturday night and at the Pride Parade on the SF LGBT Center cable bar float on Sunday.  Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandsintown at @djmsjackson!

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