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HER's Gift Guide to Valentine's Day

Feb 11, 2018

  • Flowers and chocolate are lovely gifts, but sometimes you just want to get a Valentine’s Day gift that speaks to who you are. If you’re struggling with gift ideas, HER has you covered! Here are some of our favorites.

    (Feel free to forward this list on so you can drop hints about what you want this year 😉 )

    1. Scissor Bandanas

    Does your love have a thing for bandanas? Sick of seeing her plaid ones every single day? Mix it up with a scissor bandana! Order here!

    2. HER Valentine’s Day cards

    Our team carefully crafted the perfect cards for you to share your true feelings with your love. Take a look!

    3. Melissa Etheridge Candle

    Blare “Come to My Window” and dance in front of your lit candle. It’s part of the Gay Agenda. Order yours here.

    4. All the Orphan Black seasons

    A show where the the main queer characters don’t die? WE’LL TAKE TWO. Order it on Blu-ray here.

    5. A leather jacket.

    Because women in jackets, amIright? You both win with this gift. Take a look here.

    6. LGBTQ card game

    If you’re throwing a party, having a good ol’ Galantine’s Day with your best queer friends, or just want to laugh with bae, you’ll definitely want to play this game. Check it out.

    7. Toys

    If your parents ask, they’re just personal massagers for your back… they’ll believe you, right? Shop around.

    8. Nik Kacy Shoes

    We partnered with Nik Kacy Shoes for a giveaway this past holiday season and the community LOVED these shoes. See the collection.

    9. The perfect gaydar mug

    Struggling to come out to your roommates or coworkers? This cup will do the trick.

    10. The perfect pillow

    Need we say more? Check it out here!

    What do YOU recommend? Let us know or tell us on social media!

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