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5 Dates you need to plan now

Sep 09, 2019

Whether you’ve been on three years of dates or you’ve just had your first three dates, there is always that one thought you have in mind – what can I do to make them feel great? Or loved, appreciated, special, any of those descriptive words for your boo. Sometimes we need some help, and HER is here to help you out with some great activities to show your love.

  1. Build a Fort
    Show that inner child, and have a little fun with your person. Bust out the holiday lights, use every blanket and sheet in the house, make some popcorn and grab your beverage of choice. Set all these materials out for when they get home, and they will be so surprised.
  2. Bring their fantasy to life
    Now, it doesn’t have to be a sexual fantasy, but it also can be! Get home early one day set the scene. If they have wanted to go on a trip but funds haven’t allowed it, make a dish from the place, play some of the local music and then have some fun after. Play “never have I ever” and find out that they haven’t done, or have wanted to do (again, can be sexual or not, your choice) and then make it happen.
  3. You make the plans
    Ever have that whole back and forth text thread where you both can’t make a decision? When asking what you want for dinner escalates to a fight? Well, make the plans! Send them a photo with their favorite bottle of wine and say “see you at 7” or let them know what to wear and meet them at their favorite museum, restaurant, park or whatever makes them happy. When they ask what you are up to, just let them know that you care and wanted to make them smile.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone
    Maybe your person is really great at roller skating, and you aren’t the best. Or they are an amazing artist and you can’t even do the paint by numbers. Whatever it is, take the time to go out and enjoy it with them. It may not be your favorite thing, but to see them in their element is a space for you to enjoy the moment and get to know them more. Ask about memories of doing the activity, or get them to explain parts that you may not understand. Hearing the passion in their voice as they describe it will be more than worth it.
  5. Leave love notes
    Doesn’t have to be Shakespeare worthy, but leaving a little something to show that you care (and that they can come back to) is the number one way to make their heart smile. Besides it being more tangible than a text message, it is also something they can hold onto or find on a rough day because you hid it in their planner. This also shows that you took more effort to sneakily write it, and hide it for them to find and that is the best kind of surprise.

These are just a few suggestions. See what other ways people are showing that they care inside of the app.

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