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The best lesbian gift ideas for different types of lesbians

Robyn Exton

Mar 09, 2023

The best lesbian gift ideas for different types of lesbians
  • There is one universal truth in the world of lesbian gift-giving: different dykes are going to want different things. So, whether you’re shopping for your high femme gf, your butch daddy, your astrology lesbian bff or a wlw in between — we’ve got you covered with the best lesbian gift ideas for different types of lesbians. 

    So, come, come, ye sapphics! It’s time to get inspired and add to cart. 

    Source: Source: E! Online via CBS 

    For the butch 

    Two words: personalized Trinkets.

    Every butch deserves a gift that not only highlights their boyish charm but also contributes to the collection of little items they likely already own that make them as cool as they are.  And so when I saw this  11-in-1, personalized wooden pocket knife on Etsy — I knew that out in the world, there was a masc-leaning lesbian sending that link to the group chat followed by “👀.” Don’t be a villain; make their dream come true. 

    Source: Stephanie Imports

    If your beloved butch already happens to own an 11-in-1 personalized pocket knife, a great alternative gift can be an eco-friendly, custom-made flask by WellTold. 

    You actually can’t get any better than a flask that’s engraved with a map from any location in the world. You just type in an address or location, and they do the rest of their engraving magic. 

    Source: WellTold 

    The location of where you first met. The city where they’re from. Where you had your first kiss. The possibilities are endless (so long as they’re anywhere in the world — planets not yet included). 

    It’s quite literally a one-of-a-kind gift 🙂

    Source: Netflix

    For the stud

    There are two key staples in the world of stud gift-giving that you can almost* never go wrong with hats and chains. Now, even though hats come with a territory — there’s one style that never seems to go out of style: snapbacks. Sure, you could go for a classic cotton New York Yankees hat — but why not opt for one with a unique spin?

    Source: CultureKings

     The New Era 9FORTY® K-Frame snapback’s black suede twist basically makes this hat black-tie-ready (don’t fact-check me, please). If the stud you’re shopping for prefers something warmer — you can’t ever go wrong with a Carharrt knit cuffed beanie or a 100% cotton Twill Bucket Hat

    Next up on our list — chains. For the sake of time and simplicity — I’ve decided to narrow this list down to three different chains that are all available in either silver or gold, and are all at different price points.

    Source: Jaxxon

    Jaxxon makes the best 14k gold 5mm Cuban Link chain (also in black and rose gold) I have ever laid eyes on. CRAFTED LNDN also offers a slightly more affordable 4mm Cuban Link chain in gold or silver that reviewers apparently can’t seem to get enough of. If you’re looking to splurge a little more, look no further than Brilliant Earth’s more delicate and stackable  18 In. Link Chain Necklace. 

    *You can definitely go wrong with accidentally getting a stud a snapback with a sports team they despise with a passion (definitely not a fear instilled by true events). 

    Source: Getty Images / GQ

    For the chapstick lesbian 

    Chapstick lesbians. I love them. I admire them. I am at their absolute mercy. In case my future wife is reading this; please know this list is only the beginning of what would be a lifetime of gift-giving and devotion. And because I’m delusional and a Scorpio — I would opt for giving a chapstick lesbian a houseplant as a symbol of our growing luv (someone take this keyboard away from me) and as a way to fill their space with tiny glamour and splendor.

    Source: The Sill

    The Sill is great because their unique plant gift guide can help you choose plants that you think would flourish in their space (pro tip: ZZ plants and snake plants are basically impossible to kill). 

    If the chapstick lesbian you’re gifting to doesn’t really have a green thumb, that’s okay! I have thought of it all! And in that journey, I stumbled upon the most perfect, deep green Stagg EKG electric kettle by Great Jones. 

    Source: USA Today

    It’s perfect for pour overs, teas, and all other water-boiling needs. Part of the reason I was sold on this is because they described the product as “a playful countertop companion,” to which I’ll just say: me too. 

    Source: Rolling Stone, photo by Erica Hernandez 

    For the femme

    Chances are, if you’ve seen the movie Ghost, you’ve also fantasized about recreating the iconic pottery scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. And now that there are talks of it getting a reboot, that isn’t going to be Queer — I think it’s only right that we take matters into our own hands. Cue: a DIY pottery datenight kit for two. Help a femme have her Ghost moment — and put the lesbian spin on it that the reboot deserved. 

    Source: Etsy

    And if you’re looking to adorn your sexy pottery night with a little something extra, Ghia’s trendy, all-natural, non-alcoholic Apéritif is the perfect companion. 

    Source: Ghia

    More and more people are opting to live sober curious lives, swapping out ABV for hangover-free alternatives. Ghia’s chic, zero-proof drinks, and mixers are a stylish and healthy way to elevate your time together. Plus, let’s be honest — we gays love a spritz

    Source: Loud Women

    For the baby dyke

    Baby dykes are to be protected and celebrated at all costs. And what better way to show the baby dyke in your life that you love and support them than with a shirt that combines meme culture, pride, and the gay urge to shop at Ikea (without the annoying task of assembling things)? A dyke shirt. It’s funny; it’s cute. It’s witty. It’s gay — it’s perfect for the baby dykes in our lives. 

    Source: Queerly Designs

    Now, usually, coming out of the closet comes with a couple of little outfit changes! More plaid, more hats, more belts — more gay socks. 

    Source: Conscious Steps

    You can opt for something that gives back to our community, like buying from Conscious Steps’ Socks That Save Lives Collection, which helps fund free, confidential LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention. Their socks are vegan-certified, fair trade, and honestly just downright fun. 

    Source: The Guardian

    For the astrology lesbian

    Want to make an astrology lesbian very happy? Look no further than a Pleasure Oracle deck. Full of “original, insightful and sensuous wisdom,” this deck is bound to inspire whimsical and magical moments. 

    Source: Make & Mary

    It’s sort as if a Tarot Card deck and We’re Not Really Strangers had a baby. 

    Source: Etsy

    Every astrology lesbian needs her sidekick — a perfectly curated collection of crystals. A beautiful crystal suncatcher is a thoughtful and mesmerizing gift that says: I see you, I love ya, I kinda do like your whole crystals vibe. 

    Source: New Orleans Magazine

    In conclusion… 

    Remember, what they say is true — lesbians come in many different flavors and attitudes. So, when in doubt, it’s okay to reach out and ask for a bit of guidance. For instance, I asked the biggest Queer I know, Stef Rubino, and they said they want sneakers and a kettlebell. Not very helpful for this list, but I’m glad I asked nonetheless. 

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