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Lesbians And Their Pets

Apr 07, 2015

Lesbians And Their Pets


If there’s one thing lesbians love more than other lesbians, it’s their pets. Never mess with a girl’s (furry, four-legged) best friend. There’s just something we can’t resist about those sloppy kisses, soft paws, wagging tails and purring bellies. In a new relationship I know I’ve been tempted, if not driven to take things to the next level and buy a cat, dog, or hamster together. Coincidentally, fighting for pet custody seems to be a common struggle for lesbians going through break-ups…


The majority of lesbians I know definitely have a little animal at home. And when we get together it’s not long before the conversation turns to comparing our dogs and cats like Pokémon cards before making excuses to go home and see them. (Isn’t this another way to start a convo to impress someone? Join HER, the world’s most loved LGBTQ+ dating & community app that will help you connect to fellow pet lovers or maybe even something more. It’s much safer than online lesbian chat rooms.)

There are many theories as to why lesbians love their pets so much – one, perhaps far-fetched, idea being that women are maternal. Apparently when two women are together our motherly instincts go nuts and cause us to desperately want to nurture and care for something. Naturally, a pet is the easiest and most cost efficient option!


Another theory, which I definitely lean more towards, is that we’ve all faced or feared facing some kind of prejudice when coming out the closet. So one thing we can always count on to skip the judgement are our loving and accepting pets. Animals are without prejudice – blind to race, religion and sexuality. It doesn’t matter who you are to them and that’s why we love them so damn much.


Anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I dote on my Shih Tzu, Busta. I make it pretty clear that my dog comes first in any new relationship. If my dog wants to sleep on the bed next to me, my girlfriend knows she has to move up and let him in. If he wants to go on a walk, we just do it. I take my dog everywhere with me and not even Kristen Stewart on a silver platter could get between me and my pup.


For anyone who hasn’t bonded with a pet it might seem a little strange, but for me, my dog has always been someone I can count on. He is my family! He’s always ready to greet me at the door when I get home from university; he’s happy to watch hours of Netflix with me if everyone else wants to go out; and more importantly, he is hands down the best little spoon a girl could ask for.

People are totally overrated anyway, and here are some lesbians who totally get my drift:


Libby Desborough and her pooch: ‘I prefer her to any human on the planet’.


Blog 1_1


Tash Covell and her kitten: ‘He is my everything’.


Blog 1_2


Sky Ferrer-Evans: ‘I have a lot of dogs, that’s a lot of love. I can always count on them to

make me feel like their most favourite person in the world’.


Blog 1_3


Tash Mok and her dog: ‘I love his personality – naughty, playful and stupid, which kinda

reminds me of me when I was younger – and maybe now a bit as well!’


Blog 1_4


Hayley Raye Boot and her rescue cat: ‘Always there for me and never answers back!’


Blog 1_5


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