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Meet St. Panther: The Queer Artist You Need To Listen To!

Sep 08, 2020

HER had the opportunity to interview St. Panther before the release of their EP, These Days. Featured on Insecure and even catching the ears of Michelle Obama, St. Panther is an artist you need to listen to.

What was the experience like doing a virtual collaboration with Ricky Reed? In this time of COVID do you think this is a new way for artists to better collaborate?

It was so nice to have a slice of being in the studio with each other right from home.

More than anything I think the pandemic has walked us through staying connected (in a more present way than before).

I wouldn’t say one way of making music is better than the other, but what it’s taught us about presence has definitely added to the process.

Where do you get the inspiration for your visuals? They take you on amazing journey’s that are out of this world, while simultaneously (and in one video, literally) in your house.

Thank you! I appreciate that so much.

I usually pull from the lyrics. Line by line I try to visually see what I’m saying. If I could, I would have frames that represent each lyric individually, I’ve always wanted to do that.

The final outcome always comes from capturing the essence of all of those imagined representations put together.

Queer artist St. Panther

As an out, LGBTQ+ artist, your confidence shines through your songs. What did it take for you to get to this point?

It takes a lot of self-doubt, oddly enough.

I appreciate when people read confidence from my music because I still go through these excessive processes of self-analysis.

It’s created a lens that allows me to maximize the things about my art and self that I know I can feel good about sharing.

It’s when I’m recording that a sense of limitlessness takes over and shines through.

Our favorite question to ask, which song has the best story and can you share it with us?

Definitely “Infrastructure.”

The inspiration came from endless commutes up to LA for meetings after my first tour. A lot of “Hi! Nice to meet all of you” all over Los Angeles.

On all those drives up, I felt like a cog watching this big machine function from the perspective of not quite being built into it yet. The Infrastructure of it all. Being a musician, having no idea where the space I would not just fit but be useful would look like.

The irony of finding that place within the year of writing that song – little did I know at the time of writing it that the song itself would be the infrastructure that activated being able to share the whole record.

Queer artist St. Panther

What is one thing your fans don’t know about you?

Wholefully said, they’re the ones that give the journey of sharing its meaning.

The years of folks resonating with the work, and now slowly becoming this dependable community of people with good hearts, who are proactive about creating a healthy world, is quite literally the reason I feel empowered to stay on that path.

I sure hope they know by now, but they make that path count.

What projects can we look forward to in the (hopefully near) future?

A follow-up record is very much in session at the moment.

Extremely exciting projects I can’t speak to yet.. but rest assured, tons worth staying tuned for!

After being dubbed a top pick on Michelle Obama’s podcast playlist, SoCal vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist St. Panther stakes her claim as an artist to watch with the release of These Days, her transformative debut EP under Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company and Nate Mercereau’s How So Records.

These Days is a unique and captivating journey through loss, vulnerability, growth, faith, and resilience. The 6-track project’s old-meets-new production and writing style parallel St. Panther’s turbulent transitional period as a rapidly rising artist while simultaneously healing fresh wounds.

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