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Show Up For The B On Bisexual Visibility Day

Sep 22, 2020

Show Up For The B On Bisexual Visibility Day

In 2012, Berkeley, California became the first city to celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day.

This means we as a culture have known about and/or been partaking in BVD for eight years.

And yet, even after nearly a decade of publicly recognizing bisexuals for their unique place in the LGBTQIA+ community, we (the gay population at large) still can’t seem to fully see them.

How can this be???

According to our latest survey, a staggering 78% of bisexual people don’t feel understood by the LGBTQ community.

This stems from the fact that they don’t believe their identities, and issues specific to their identities, are understood by the gay community.

For instance, bisexuals experience higher rates of physical and sexual violence and are more likely to attempt or contemplate committing suicide.

But it’s difficult for them to access the resources they need due to a lack of visibility. Bisexual-specific programs receive significantly less funding than other segments of the LGBTQ+ community. 

bisexual people are 9.4% less likely to come out than lesbian and gay-identified people

The struggle to find acceptance within both the LGBTQ community and our offensively heterosexual society can lead bisexual people to remain in the closet for longer.

And who wants to stay in the closet forever? While coming out is 100% a personal choice, lots of folks want (but struggle) to share their identities. And one of the best ways to ease the coming out process is to find like-minded queer folks and build community. HER is a queer and bisexual dating app designed to do just that. Foster friendships and maybe something more! 😉

Per our survey, bisexual people are 9.4% less likely to come out of the closet compared to lesbian and gay people, and 6.2% less likely to come out than queer people.

This has a lot to do with the negative stereotypes and stigma surrounding bisexual people. 

bisexual people feel the least understood by the lgbtq+ community than any other identity

Bisexuals are often viewed as sluttier, since they presumably have more options when it comes to sexual partners, but our research shows the opposite—not that there’s anything wrong with being slutty!

We found that bisexual people are 8% more likely than other identities in the LGBTQ+ community to have had a relationship that lasted longer than a year. (So even if they’re slutty, they love love!)

They’re also the most sexually responsible group, being 32% more likely to always use protection.

bisexuals hold down long-term relationships more than any other identity - they are 8% more likely to have had a relationship > 1 year

However, one stereotype we found to be true is that bisexuals are really fun in bed.

According to our research, bisexuals enjoy using dildos 17.4% more than any other sexual identity.

We stan a sex-toy-loving bisexual!

(Maybe this will change your bigoted mind the next time you try to turn somebody down just because they’re bi.)

bisexual folks choose a dildo as their fav sex toy 17.4% more than any other sexual identity group

Obviously, Bisexual Visibility Day shouldn’t be the only day we’re singing the praises of our relationship-having, dildo-slinging, dental dam-loving peers.

They’re not invisible the other 364 days out of the year, you just need to open up your eyes!! (And hearts! And legs!)

But if you want to show up for the bisexual community today, you can share the graphics above or come and join us at two of the HER events celebrating and connecting the bisexual community to each other and to the ally community.

the highs and lows of bisexual dating - HER event

Get ready to talk all about the experiences of being bisexual and dating.

The unicorn hunters, the cheating allegations… we hear you, we got you. We’re ready to talk dating tips and more at this event!

am i bi enough for you - HER event

Tired of being continually asked if you’ll end up with a guy or a girl? Done hearing the word greedy? Never going to be interested in threesomes?

We’re here to talk about the everyday experiences of being bisexual!

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