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Queer Valentine’s Day Cards from HER

By HER Team |

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, sometimes you want a way to express your love in a way that only the LGBTQ+ community can. Queer Valentine’s Day cards aren’t always easy to find, so instead we made some our own. It’s time you give a card that’s as unique as your relationship is.

Because who could forget that ad?

It’s a fact that 87% of lesbians wear snapbacks*ย  *we made this up, but a stroll through any gay bar says we’re pretty dead on

Because you wouldn’t be here unless each of you had hit that heart on HER. This card is to celebrate that moment that brought you together

Pro tip: If you buy an extra large flannel youย both can fit in it and stay warm – Science

Want to lock it down? Make it official with this card

The two official lesbian relationship steps before getting a cat and getting married

You can download these Valentine’s Cardsย here

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Jenny Schechter's dead,
And no one likes Piper.

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