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3 Steps to decide where to go on a first date

Aug 13, 2019

You’ve done it! You made it to the point that you are taking someone out on a first date. This moment is exactly what you’ve been waiting for…until you realize that you have to choose a venue to meet this person! Now don’t panic, we’ve got three tips to help turn stress into impress

  • Check their whole profile – not just the photos
    Maybe you haven’t gotten to the point of discussing actionable interests (aka interests that can turn into a date) and that’s ok, this is what the first date is for. Check out their photos, text and (if you were talking on HER) their fun facts. Do they drink, climb, like to be outside? All of these are like cliff notes to the person so that you can pick something that both of you will enjoy.
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  • Establish what travel will look like
    Are you driving? Is public transportation involved? These are important questions to think about when choosing a location. The easier to get to, the better. But if you know that someone is going to have to travel a bit further, be sure to make it worth their while to go out of their way to meet you.
  • Pick three choices and narrow down to one
    This is the best way to get away from the pressure of deciding what to do and have it go terribly wrong. By picking three options and then sending them to your date, this can be a fun problem solve for each of you. Even if it is a game of “pick one to get rid of and then I’ll surprise you” makes it a great start to this potential relationship, as well as a way to make this person smile.
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And those are your three steps to successfully decide a first date. What are some of the ways you choose? Let us know in the app!

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