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LGBTQ+ Brand Spotlight: BrideNavy

Aug 13, 2019

Welcome to the ultimate ‘I do, crew!’. As an out, LGBTQ+ person, when you begin your wedding plans there are questions around flowers, decorations and of course, your bachelorette party. But what happens when there are two brides in the mix? That market becomes a lot smaller, which is where BrideNavy comes in.

Ty Sintrell, founder and creator of BrideNavy “got inspired by the lack of representation for wedding parties who are in Same-Sex relationships”. Having to constantly explain that the ring on your finger came from your future WIFE when people ask about your husband is definitely getting old. BrideNavy provides all of the supplies you need from the bachelorette party to bridal party gifts and beautiful gifts for the wives.

It’s time to make the wedding industry more inclusive, and BrideNavy is breaking down barriers to make this happen. Now you can grab custom made t-shirts, robes and more to fit your special day. Show them some love and support, follow them on IG @bridenavy.

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