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LGBTQ+ Brand Spotlight: Dapper Boi

Aug 21, 2019

Shopping is already a difficult process, especially if you don’t fit a size two, super femme aesthetic that seems to follow us everywhere. Vicky, one of the cofounders of Dapper Boi, had this issue when looking for more masculine clothing that fit her curvy body. While nothing ever felt just right, there was a strong sense of confidence that Vicky exuded when wearing these clothes because she could “be her true self”. So Vicky, and her wife Charisse, started Dapper Boi.

Dapper Boi is a gender neutral clothing line that focuses on androgynous styles for people of all different shapes and sizes. The clothes created are for anyone and everyone to feel confident in their own skin, and have the best clothes to express that. With new styles coming out monthly (can you believe?), and constant partnerships with other androgynous/gender-neutral brands, there will never be a shortage of new swag in your closet.

With clothing in all sorts of sizes, prices that won’t break the bank and an inclusive, queer owned brand – go out and support Dapper Boi!

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