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Check In's are the New Kink

Aug 23, 2019

You read that right. The number one act in a relationship that can keep it healthy and wonderful are check ins. But first, let’s rewind to what a check in is – a check in allows a safe space for people who are dating to actively listen to feelings, concerns and see if they are getting their needs met. This leaves out all of the stress once you’ve gotten past that time where you begin to question “what are we right now?”

What does a check in look like?

  • After a few dates, instead of leaving someone in limbo about what you are doing, you have an adult conversation about it
  • When you are in the beginning of your relationship and want to be sure that you are making your partner happy
  • An amazing time to let your partner know if you are happy and if there are any concerns
  • Most importantly, a time to work through anything and make actionable steps moving forward

And to be honest, what is sexier then knowing where you and your partner (or potential partner) stand? Playing games is a thing of the past, it’s time to start taking action in your relationship to keep it healthy and full of communication. No hiding behind your phone, no passive aggressive messaging – just an opportunity to show your true self with your person. Now go and try that check in, there is probably more to talk about then you knew!

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