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7 Reasons You’ll Want to Hang Out With Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Jul 28, 2020

7 Reasons You’ll Want to Hang Out With Sen. Tammy Baldwin

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Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin flies under the radar, but she is one of the LGBTQ women’s community’s staunchest advocates. Here’s why you should get to know her:

She was the first out LGBTQ person elected to the House

In 1998, the LGBTQ landscape looked very different. The Defense of Marriage Act, outlawing same-sex marriage, was just two years old, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell had been in effect since 1994, and same-gender sex was still illegal in 17 states. Despite this, Tammy Baldwin had the guts to run openly, and she was elected to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. House of Representatives.

She was also the first LGBTQ person elected to the Senate

Baldwin was elected to the Senate in 2012, becoming the first openly LGBTQ person to serve there, too.

She’s on the Veep list

Joe Biden has pledged to pick a vice-presidential candidate for his ticket by August 1, and Tammy Baldwin remains under consideration. That is to say: she is up for the second most important job in the country.

She is hosting the 2020 Democratic convention

She’s a bad-ass leader.

A Democrat, she wins elections in a conservative-leaning swing state

Wisconsin will be a pivotal state in the 2020 election, so it’s worth studying her secret sauce for winning when the numbers are stacked against you. 

She is determined to protect Americans’ healthcare access

Senator Baldwin has made keeping healthcare protections a central focus of her lawmaking, essentially a stop-gap between Republicans and the safety of millions of Americans.

We’re celebrating Sen. Baldwin at a digital event on August 14, and you’re invited! 

In conjunction with the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, please join LPAC on Wednesday, August 19 at 5 pm ET for A (Zoom) Salute to Senator Tammy Baldwin. HER users get an exclusive Special Activist ticket price at just $50.

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