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5 Queer Womxn to follow on International Womxn's Day

Mar 03, 2020

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  • International Womxn’s Day is fighting for equality, a fight that the LGBTQ+ community continues to deal with everyday. It’s time to make sure that we recognize how intersectional International Womxn’s Day is and highlight those voices who are making change for the community. Give these amazing people a follow, and support their causes today and everyday.

    Tanya Compas

    Tanya Compas as an LGBTQ+ activist in the UK working with young LGBTQ+ people, especially POC, to ensure that they are supported, shown that their identity is valid and holding businesses accountable for doing more than just “glitter and rainbows” during pride. One of their main projects is #QueerBlackChristmas where bring together black LGBTQ+ youth to play games, eat food, and feel loved. Follow them @tanyacompas

    Aaron Philip

    As a black, transgender and disabled model, Aaron has been paving the way for the modeling industry over the last few years. When Aaron was 18, she was featured on the cover of Paper Magazine and is already signed to a modeling agency and has been seen on multiple runways across the world. Aaron is showing people how to break past the boundaries and limitations that people set on you, and manifesting your dreams. You can follow Aaron @aaron__philip

    Madam Muse

    Adrienne “Madam” Muse is an LA based artist, who focuses around telling stories of black, LGBTQ+ love stories, portraits of inspirational figures and more recently has been sharing her comics. Madam Muse hosts events, has been featured on many platforms and is an artist that you need to have hanging in your space. You can follow Madam Muse @iam.muse

    Blair Imani

    What has Blair Imani not done? From writing books to being an avid activist to repping for black, bisexual, Muslim people and their communities. Putting these voices, that are typically ignored, the forefront and schooling anyone who tries to come for is more than enough reason to show support to Blair. Follow her @blairimani

    Jari Jones

    Jari Jones is on the up and up in her career, but also in using her voice to speak out for trans women and body positivity. Not one to shy away from speaking about her experience, and being able to unapologetically be herself in so many spaces, you want to keep up with Jari’s journey. Follow Jari @iamjarijones.

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    • Table of Contents