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Celesbian Meaning

Feb 29, 2020

Celesbian Meaning
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  • A celesbian is a celebrity in the lesbian world. They can be actual lesbians who are actually famous, like Ellen Degeneres or Lena Waithe, or D-list dykes like the former cast members of The Real L World (sorry, babes). Celesbians also include internet celebrities or influencers that lezzies worship. Basically, any widely recognized dyke or dykon (dyke icon) is a celesbian. 

    A celesbian is a celebrity in the lesbian world. They can be an A-lister like Ellen or as D-list as a former cast member of The Real L Word

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    Who are some famous celesbians?

    Some celebsians include Katherine Moennig, who played legendary soft butch Shane in The L Word, rumored evil daytime talkshow host Ellen Degeneres, TV writer Lena Waithe, Canadian YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor as a package deal, comedian Wanda Sykes, and Ruby Rose, who made pretty much everybody question their sexuality with her role in Orange is the New Black. 

    While dykons can sometimes be straight women who happened to play a gay character in a movie once, like Cate Blanchett in Carol or Rachel Weisz in Disobedience, celesbians are pretty much just famous lesbians. Meaning, they are few and far between. But the ones we do have, we should celebrate! Except, maybe not Ellen

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