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Conversations You Should Have With Your Partner Within Your First Year Together

Nov 21, 2019

Throughout the first year of a new relationship, you’re likely to experience a lot of ups and downs. While getting to know someone may be fun and exciting, when it comes time to have those serious conversations, it can be difficult and sometimes a bit awkward. Still, having these discussions is necessary in order to figure out if this person is the right person for you long-term. Here are some of the most important topics of conversation you should have with your partner before your one-year mark:

Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship, which is why the conversation around commitment should happen early on in your relationship. Not being on the same page will often lead to someone’s heart getting broken. When discussing commitment, you should both identify what you consider your relationship to be and what your expectations entail. Additionally, it’s crucial to bring up the topic of relationship labels. Nowadays, “situationships” have become the norm. These happen when you’re consistently intimate with someone and have all the privileges of a relationship, but neither one of you describe it using labels. Try to be open and direct about what you want by using these tips.

Physical intimacy can be a big question mark in new relationships. Having the conversation around sex and physical affection can certainly be uncomfortable, but by doing so, you’re ensuring you both feel safe and boundaries aren’t overstepped. It’s a good idea to discuss if and when you want to get intimate together, and what that ideally looks like to you. No matter what, it’s essential that you both respect each other’s decisions so that neither of you feels pressured to do something you don’t want to do. However, if you decide to be sexually active, you will need to have another discussion about protection and sexual history. To be safe, dental dams and birth control are great for protecting your sexual health. You will also want to be open about the last time each of you was tested as well as your previous sexual history to ensure you both are safe.

Ex Relationships
Exes can throw a real curveball in your relationship if you don’t see them coming. Understanding each other’s previous relationships will help you both empathize why you are the way you are in relationships, what it’s taught you, and what you’re looking for in this new partnership. Having the talk around exes will further manifest trust within your relationship and keep any jealousy of former partners at bay.

Having goals and sharing them with the people you care about is a wonderful thing. What you don’t want to do is realize that your partner’s goals don’t align with yours deep into your relationship. You’ll want to know ahead of time if your partner is unambitious, a workaholic, or plans to eventually move far away. Establishing what your goals are now and how you can support one another’s dreams will only help give your relationship more security.

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