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LGBTQ+ Brand Highlight: Pyramid Seven

Nov 11, 2019

The future is fluid, and it is time that our underwear kept up with the change. Pyramid Seven is one of those brands that recognizes the beauty of every body and is able to recognize that in their product. Pyramid Seven “practices inclusiveness by representing the true faces, bodies, and expressions of people who menstruate.” These boxer briefs represent and celebrate the gender spectrum in their branding, products and voice.

Their website doesn’t just highlight how amazing the boxer briefs are, and how comfortable they look, that would be too easy. They also give tips and tricks to deal with periods. From the cramps we hate so much to finding resources around your period. So much of the advertising around period products is cis-women centered, and these resources will allow you to have your needs met when it comes to your period.

So do yourself a favor and take in their resources, get to know this amazing LGBTQ+ positive company and remember, “boxer briefs for periods, not for gender”.

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