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Dattch Top 5 Dates: Veggie

Jun 28, 2013

The success of a date can often hang entirely on where you take your lady. Do you go for quiet and intimate or exciting and wild? Somewhere you can be adventurous or low-key where you can talk about your childhood pets?
Decisions, decisions. Well, we’re going to give you a helping hand and provide you with some Top 5 date ideas to inspire you all to have great dates, first or otherwise. We’ve always got our eye out for a cool place for a date but if you spot one you’d like to recommend, send it in to heya @

This week: for vegetarian girls

InSpiralled –  A fun and unique space right by Camden Lock; InSpiralled’s message of sustainable food and community well-being is inspiring and hella fun to be around, especially when the live music kicks off.   You’ll win cool points with your date, especially if she’s an adorable little tree-hugger.

Mildreds – A vegetarian standard amongst Londoners, Mildreds has earned it’s place as one of the top veggie hotspots with a menu so enticing even the most meat-loving ladies will love it.  Their prices are pretty tasty too; main meals top out at around a tenner!

 The Gate – Head to Islington (Hammersmith branch currently closed until late 2013) for vegetarian cuisine from around the world.  With inspirations from Greece, India and China, there’s plenty of variety at The Gate.  They also have an amazing brunch menu on the weekends too.

Manna – Up in Primrose Hill, you’ll find a vegetarian paradise in Manna.   Dishes like the delicious smoked cashew cheese fajitas will definitely have your date calling you up for seconds!

Sagar –  Taste the delights of South Indian dishes in Sagar with branches in Hammersmith, Covent Garden and the West End.  This is definitely one to impress your date with as it’ll take bold taste buds to try the aromatic plates on offer.

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