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Queer Trainers and Athletes Give Us Their Best Fitness Tips

Apr 18, 2019

  • Summer is around the corner, and I’m sure your New Years Resolution to work out is going great (not!), but getting started seems to be the biggest hurdle. We see super ripped people on Instagram and think it’s unattainable. That’s why HER reached out to some top queer trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to share their best tips for getting started.

    Crissa Ace

    Crissa is a player for the Harlem Globetrotters and knows a thing or two about getting in shape. “My tip to everyone is that a 30 min high intensity workout (hiit) is just as effective as a 2 hr treadmill run. You don’t always have to workout for hours to get results.” Say hi to Crissa on Instagram!

    Jenny Nohra

    As a health coach and psychotherpaist, Jenny has a learned a lot about what it takes to get people on the path to a healthier lifestyle. “Your life depends on your health. If you can’t get to a gym .. try to get your body moving. Find a coach that will support you this can be hard to start but when you find the trust of someone that really wants to invest their time into being there beside you. Ask questions if you’re unsure. Read or find someone books to educate yourself if you can’t afford a coach. Health life style is simple but it’s the habits that are the blocks to stopping us that’s why a coach is great as it keeps you accountable.”Say hi to Jenny on Instagram!


     As a popular YouTuber and fitness enthusiast, AmbersCloset gave her best tips on how to start a healthy lifestyle in this video:

    OnlyHuman – Bree Pearson

    You might know Only Human from our holiday giveaway, or you’ve seen her inspiring Instagram feed. “The number one tip I always give anyone starting their journey to a healthier life, is just that—start. I know that sounds a bit silly, but I tend to hear a lot of excuses that revolve around time, or a new commitment, working too much, not having a gym, not having a plan, not knowing where to start, etc. The point to learning, is to start. No matter how busy you are, or what new thing life threw your way, because life will ALWAYS get in your way if you let it. Motivation will never come knocking at your door, no supplement will ever magically make you fit, no diet will suddenly make all your jeans fit after a week. Keep taking steps forward. Especially the steps that lead to the gym.”

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