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Sunday Style with Dapper Tomboy

Mar 29, 2015

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    The Tomboys of Television
    I watch a lot of TV, and when I say a lot, I mean almost every popular show on television right now. When it comes to television, my preference varies: from American Horror Story to Pretty Little Liars or Broad City to Once Upon a Time. I watch a large variety of shows with an assortment of diverse characters with different personalities. One thing I love about watching all of these shows is getting to see the wide selection of clothing everyone wears. I’m continuously drawing inspiration for my style from the tomboys of television.
    Pretty Little Liars is full of mystery, suspense, and the prettiest little ladies (and fellas) on TV. The show follows the friendship of four girls – Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. These girls all have very different qualities, but one thing they have in common is great style. Emily has a ‘sporty’ style, Aria’s style is eccentric and fun, Spencer is preppy, and Hanna’s style changes from girly chic to edgy tomboy. I would have to say that all of their styles combined make the perfect wardrobe!
    Broad City is, in my opinion, the funniest show on TV right now. Abbi and Ilana’s friendship is pretty wild and the most amazing thing to watch. Broad City is the roller-coaster of adventures that your wildest dreams (or nightmares) consist of. Abbi and Ilana are pretty different from each other, and that shows consistently through their style choices. Ilana’s style is one of my favorites because it’s a little bizarre and quirky. Abbi has a more laidback style, but overall it’s rad. Conclusion: awesome ladies with awesome clothing.
    Once Upon a Time is a pretty magical show. I’m a kid at heart, so watching my favorite Disney characters come to life is magnificent. I love when the characters are dressed in their fairytale costumes! Emma Swan, however, is not featured in any of our favorite storybooks; therefore, no fairytale wardrobe. Emma’s signature style is the best seeing as it features a wide variety of leather jackets – that red one in particular. Swan is definitely a tomboy at heart.
    Orphan Black is an extraordinary show – it’s suspenseful, funny, and thrilling! Orphan Black is comprised of four main clones, each played by Tatiana Maslany. Every clone is different: different personality, different way of life, and, of course, completely different personal style. Sarah and Cosima are the two clones whose wardrobes are particularly appealing to me. Cosima’s style is charming and alternative. She looks cute in everything, even her lab coat! Sarah’s style is just so damn cool. It’s rebellious and punk. I cannot wait for this show to return in April.
    Faking It is a show that stole my heart in one episode. This comedy is modern, it breaks stereotypes, and it really makes you feel some feels. Amy and Karma are adorable best friends (and an even more adorable “lesbian couple”). I really do enjoy some Karmy love, but Reamy’s style is what I’m all about. Amy rocks a smooth style that looks effortlessly cool…kind of like Kstew in jeans and a tee… like how does she look so good? Amy’s girlfriend Reagan has a super fun rocker look that’s equally rad. I’d really love to steal both their wardrobes.
    These shows are just a few of my favorites to watch and draw inspiration from. I hope these ladies can assist you in completing your unique tomboy style! Also, if you haven’t watched any of the above, I strongly recommend them.

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    • Table of Contents