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10 Must-Read Indie Authors

Dec 11, 2014

We’re now well into the holiday season, and if you’re after a little romance to warm your heart, how about immersing yourself in a lesbian romance novel? After all, they’re usually filled with hot, successful women and they cost the same price as a pint. Here are ten indie authors that should be on your Christmas list…

Angela Peach
Angela is an author who straddles a few genres, including sci-fi, paranormal and of course, romance. Her most successful novel, Playing My Love, is shot through with warmth, humour and no little emotion as the lead character struggles with her feelings for another woman as her husband is dying. Grab a tissue before you download.
Star Book: Playing My Love

HP Munro
Starting off in fanfiction, HP progressed to fully fledged novelist in 2013 and her rise to the top has been nothing short of rocket-fuelled. So far, her novels have all been set in the US with American protagonists, although she promises a future novel set in her native Edinburgh. Her book Silver Wings won this year’s Golden Crown Award for Best Historical Fiction Novel, the highest accolade possible in lesbian fiction.
Star Book: Silver Wings

Clare Ashton
Clare is a hugely talented writer whose books up until this year have tended to deal with the darker sides of life – her award-winning novel After Mrs Hamilton in particular has a sharp twist that divides readers. 2014 was the year that Clare donned her romantic comedy cap to great acclaim, with That Certain Something becoming her best-selling title.
Star Book: That Certain Something

Jade Winters
Jade is a prolific writer of lesbian fiction and has built up a huge fanbase in the UK and beyond. Although romance is key through all her novels, they also tackle more hard-hitting issues such as bullying and abuse. Showing her versatility, Jade has also recently branched out into the world of erotica.
Star Book: Faking It

Kiki Archer
Kiki is a hugely successful UK author who’s so far notched up five novels to her name. If you’re after some frothy chicklit with no shortage of laugh-out-loud moments, look no further than this likable writer. Next on her grand plan is taking her debut novel, But She Is My Student, to the big screen – watch this space.
Star Book: One Foot Onto The Ice

Karen Campbell
Karen is a rising star of the lesbian fiction world, winning this year’s Planet London Best New Author award. While not strictly falling into lesbian romance, her recent novel The Knowing is a gritty, supernatural crime novel set in Glasgow, featuring psychic lecturer Jen Keith. If it tickles your fancy, a sequel is planned.
Star Book: The Knowing

Cindy Rizzo
Cindy’s debut Exception To The Rule burst out of the blocks in 2013, garnering plaudits from around the globe and selling by the bucketload. Her follow-up, Love Is Enough, is an excellent political rollercoaster with a healthy slug of romance thrown in that showcases Cindy’s slick, assured style. Next up for Cindy is a ‘second chances’ romance.
Star Book: Exception To The Rule

Lynn Ames
Lynn Ames can mix it up with the best of them – romance, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction. In fact, her most recent novel, Bright Lights Of Summer, is currently garnering plaudits all over, set in 1941 and featuring that most lesbian of sports, softball. If that floats your boat, there’s plenty more where it came from.
Star Book: All That Lies Within

RE Bradshaw
RE Bradshaw has been a full-time writer since 2010 and is one of the best-selling authors on the lesbian fiction circuit. As well as conjuring modern lesbian lives in technicolour through her lesbian romance novels, she also writes psychological thrillers that focus on the travails of Agent Rainey Bell and her edge-of-your-seat investigations, strictly not for the faint-hearted.
Star Book: Molly: House On Fire

Clare Lydon
Clare launched her debut novel London Calling in March this year and it hit No.1 in the UK Lesbian Romance chart within 12 hours. Her work aims to represent modern lesbian life in wide-screen and is infused with gallons of humour, sharp dialogue and relatable characters. Her second novel The Long Weekend was also a best-seller – watch out for book three in spring 2015.
Star Book: London Calling

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