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10 Times Ingrid Nilsen Proved She Was a Kween

Jul 11, 2016

  • Ingrid Nilsen initially gained her popularity on YouTube, but CLEARLY is taking over the social media game and winning at life. Tomorrow, we’re hosting an exclusive live chat session (an AMA) with Ingrid and we’re super exited about it.
    Ingrid isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, stay true to her beliefs, and has an uncanny way of expressing all of our thoughts in a single tweet.  Check out these moments where Ingrid gave us life and proved she was a true kween.
    10.  Classic use of Snapchat filters
    ingrid filter
    9. Showing us the important skills to learn in life

    8.  Checking in at the coolest places! How does she look so flawless?

    7.  When Squad Goals and Bucket List intersect
    ingrid dysh
    6. When Ingrid spoke to us on a spiritual level 
    Ingrid queer history
    ingrid queer character cont
    5.  And we are full of ❤️ for you! 
     ingrid queer af
    4.  Let’s not forget that she came out to President Obama
    ingrid obama
    (Here’s the video in case you missed it!)
    3.  Ingrid is just the kewtest 😉
    2.  When trolls don’t think she is “Lesbian Enough” she’s not silent

    1.  Started from the bottom…

    Now we’re queer…


    Check out our AMA with Ingrid happening tomorrow on Her app.

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