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Confidence Boosting Workout Tips for Tops, Bottoms and Switches

Jul 07, 2020

Confidence Boosting Workout Tips for Tops, Bottoms and Switches
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  • It’s safe to assume that no one’s been getting any action lately. As we spend the extra time self-pleasuring, we can also prepare for a time when we’ll be able to have in person sex again (hopefully soon).

    Together, with Verb Energy and Wellness Coach Angie, we’re bringing you some key tips to help transform your workouts, level up your sex game, and boost your self-confidence (no matter your workout style or experience level).

    When you’re ready to start putting these into practice, Verb Bars are here to give you a delicious and healthy energy boost. They come in vegan, gluten-free flavors such as Coconut Chai, Vanilla Latte and their new limited release Lemon Raspberry for that summer fling.

    Angie’s advice for Tops:

    • Focus on overall strength & endurance
    • Make your workout movements slow and controlled, unless it’s specifically an explosive one
    • Key muscle groups to target: chest, back, and glutes

    Angie’s advice for Bottoms:

    • Focus on balance & flexibility
    • Be sure to add 15-20 minutes of full-range stretching to the end of every workout
    • Key muscle groups to target: core, hips, and shoulders

    Angie’s advice for Switches:

    • Focus on core strength, flexibility, and endurance
    • Craft daily workouts with a total-body focus, adding 1 or 2 body-specific days a week
    • Key muscle groups to target: chest, core, glutes, and general range of motion

    HER is proud to have partnered with Verb Energy for Pride. Special thanks to them and the amazing Angie for making our queer workouts happen. Who knew you could have so much fun working out?! In case you missed the sessions, you can watch them here:

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    And make sure to follow Angie on Instagram: @angieidunno

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    • Table of Contents