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High Femme Meaning

Feb 29, 2020

High Femme Meaning
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  • A “high femme” is a femme lesbian on steroids. If a femme is someone who likes to wear dresses and lipstick, a “high femme” is someone who lives in dresses and lipstick. A high femme is stimilar to a lipstick lesbian or a skincare lesbian—taking care of themselves is their full-time job. They live for elaborate skincare routines, new makeup releases, and anything that includes a good pampering. 

    A “high femme” is an uber-feminine lesbian who lives to pamper themselves. They love makeup, never miss a mani/pedi, and have a 28-step skincare routine.

    What do high femmes look like?

    High femmes tend to have a more feminine-leaning style or energy. They might wear a flannel, but they’re gonna tie it into a crop top. They are the opposite of “butch” lesbians, who tend to be more mascuine-leaning in their vibes. High femmes own Doc Martens but they’re clean af. They will go camping with you, but they’ll be staying at an Airbnb while you take the tent. High Femmes will make you fall in love with them while introducing you to chemical exfoliation for the first time. 

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    According to some definitions, high femmes tend to be more passive in bed, but we think that’s an outdated viewpoint. Nowadays, it’s common for high femmes to be tops or dommes. While they usually pair well with a nice chapstick lesbian or butch or stud, that’s not to say two high femmes wouldn’t date — it would just take them forever to get ready.

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