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Sunday Style with Dapper Tomboy

Apr 26, 2015

Kristen Stewart…Enough said.
Kristen Stewart is the one person that comes to mind consistently when I think about tomboy style. She is a celebrity I look up to, and her style inspires mine. Kristen is an actress, model, lezzy-favorite, and notorious tomboy. She embodies pretty much everything I want to be (you know, an actress, model, lesbian favorite…lol).
When it comes to being a tomboy, I think it’s more than just the clothes you wear on your back, it’s about embracing who you are. Kristen doesn’t fit the stereotype of Hollywood female, and she embraces that fully. She has all the qualities of what I believe makes the perfect tomboy.
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Let’s start with the basics… her outfits. Kristen’s clothing is so simple, yet she manages to make everything look so damn good. What makes her style so impeccable is its versatility. Although most days she leaves the house with her hair slicked back, white t-shirt on (sh*t… those are some Taylor Swift lyrics) or a simple button-down/flannel, when she hits the red carpet, she kills it in some dresses.
KStew also knows how to use accessories to her full advantage – glasses, beanies, snapbacks – the girl knows what she’s doing. So what she can pull off a suit, a dress, and a simple tee shirt with jeans… g-d, I envy her.
KStew 1
Of course, my envy doesn’t stop there. Kristen’s hair ties it all together. She’s had a lot of hair styles and even some different colors, but Stewart’s current -do is on point. It’s short, fun, and edgy. Whether her hair is slicked back, tucked under a snapback, or curly and done up, it never fails to look great.
KStew 2
Besides the hair making her look complete, she has a whole crew of tomboys at her side (at all times). Kristen surrounds herself with tomboys like gal pal (wink, wink) Alicia Cargile and bestie Lindsey Byrnes. She was always a huge tomboy, though. Stewart explained to Vanity Fair that she was bullied as a kid because of how she looked, saying, “I would get called a man—and all this stuff. There was a very, very brief time when it bothered me.” Once she started working in ‘the business’, however, Kristen no longer felt different. “I was cool. I liked myself. I felt really lucky. I feel really lucky to have been a kid in this business, because if you find the right road it is the most accepting, open environment that I could imagine.”
KStew 3
There is nothing better than feeling comfortable in your own skin, and getting to express yourself through style. Kristen is a confident tomboy. It even says so on her shirt (i.e. the infamous tomboy tee from Wildfang also rocked by Kate Mara, Ellen Page, and Janelle Monae)!
Most days I’m not sure whether I want to kiss KStew’s face, or just be her. Either way the girl has my heart. Kristen is a full-on tomboy and I hope she helps you bring out your own!

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