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Suits at SAG

Jan 28, 2015

To introduce our new blog series kicking off in February 2015 check out this sneak peek of “Sunday Style w/ Dapper Tomboy” by resident writer, Gabby Kirschberg. She’ll be bringing you the best of dapper fashion on and off the red carpet. Get Pumped.

While most of Hollywood’s finest wore gorgeous dresses, some celebrities decided to Suit Up at Sunday’s 21st annual SAG Awards. I think we can all agree that everyone loves when ladies can sport a sleek suit on the red carpet. Celebrities have not disappointed showing off their sexy suits throughout this awards season. From Jennifer Aniston’s stunning red suit at the Critics’ Choice to Ellen DeGeneres’ flawless white suit at the People’s Choice and let’s not forget Lorde’s eye-catching custom suit at the Golden Globes. Tina Fey stood out the most when she co-hosted the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards just two weeks prior and appeared on stage with her third outfit change. She rocked a tuxedo with an undone bowtie and had social media buzzing. Let’s have another look for nostalgia’s sake…
Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria always brings her A-game when it comes to a dapper suit and Sunday night was no different. Lea wore a dark blue suit and tie. She stated in her Instagram post that her and her girlfriend, Chelsea Fairless, were the “Hottest dyke couple at The SAG Awards.” And I have to agree; they looked pretty hot!
Julia Roberts has been known to kill it in a fine lady suit. At this year’s SAG awards Julia sported a black, Givenchy Jumpsuit with a deep-V. The outfit was simple, yet stunning and pretty damn sexy. Honestly though, Julia Roberts looks good in everything.
I saved the best for last- my favorite outfit at the SAG awards, Emma Stone’s tuxedo gown. Stone looked edgy and sophisticated all at once. This isn’t the first time Emma suited up this awards season. Earlier this year, at the Golden Globes, Stone wore a super chic shiny jumpsuit. Emma Stone is another star that seems to look amazing in everything she wears on the red carpet.
This awards season has unveiled many a dapper look on the red carpet. But, it isn’t over yet. Looking forward to the remaining awards shows and the dapper fashion that comes along with it. 87th annual Academy Awards, here we come!

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