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Tea with Auntie: Baby Gay Finding Her Way

Jul 30, 2019

Tea with Auntie is a bi-weekly advice segment. Have questions you want Auntie to answer? Share your questions here:

Dear Auntie,
The first girl I dated wouldn’t so much as hold hands with me. We went out for weeks, and when I tried to initiate anything whatsoever, she would pull away. Finally, after almost two months of me not knowing what she wanted, she told me she didn’t think she ever liked me, and we ended it. The second girl I met, we went on 3 dates until she admitted she only went on dates 2 and 3 out of pity. I’m too scared to get back out there! What if every girl I meet is just pretending to like me? What’s your advice? – Anonymous, 18

Damn, young folx are throwing all of the shade. From the sounds of it, they weren’t worth your time – but you need to find worth in YOUR time. Why are you letting other people hold the reins to your life? All of this questions of “what did she want?” and “why don’t these people like me?” are all excuses. Did you ever ask what they wanted? Hell, have you asked yourself that question? You are young, so I want you to find this power and confidence in yourself now, so that when this happens again (I’m just being honest, in dating it always does) instead of asking all the ‘why’s?’ you can just say all the ‘bye’s’ because you deserve way better.

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